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Troy Aikman promotes his beer while taking a shot at declining Bud Light after Dylan Mulvaney mess


Troy Aikman fires shot at Bud Light’s decline following Dylan Mulvaney’s disastrous marketing campaign as he promotes his ‘no hidden agenda’ beer

  • The Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback promoted his beer in a video on Twitter
  • Troy Aikman pointed out the difference between his product and Bud Light
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Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman poked fun at Bud Light while promoting his own light beer product.

The Anheuser-Busch brand suffered severe damage – both tax and reputational – after using transgender woman Dylan Mulvaney as the face of its latest marketing campaign.

Aikman posted a video on Twitter this week ostensibly taking aim at the top-down beer brand — so much so that it’s now being offered for free.

“AUTHENTICITY MATTERS,” Aikman wrote alongside the video. “Lately there has been a lot of talk about brewing companies and not enough conversation about what really matters – the beer itself.

“Some brands take shortcuts to win over consumers. We are committed to producing a first-class product. No hidden agenda. No distractions. “Put simply, it’s ‘just a good fucking beer,’ according to Aikman.

Dylan Mulvaney

Since April 1, when Mulvaney released the ad with Bud Light, the company has been steadily declining, with its market value dropping by an astounding $15.7 billion over that time.

The Monday Night Football commentator said TMZ Sports his beer won’t be politicized or visibly agenda-driven like Anheuser-Busch, Miller Lite and others have.

“I think there are a lot of companies that want to tell everyone who they are or what they do, and they don’t focus on the product itself,” he said.

“We wanted to get the message out if you’re tired of all these viewpoints from all these big companies and just want a company that’s focused on what it does.”

Anheuser-Busch has seen its market value plunge $15.7 billion since the disastrous campaign began with Mulvaney on April 1.

In the latest scramble to get back into customers’ good graces, Bud Light has unveiled a new promotion called US Budweiser Family Memorial Day Rebate online.

The rebate promises an amount “equivalent to the purchase price of a 15-pack or more, up to $15” of Bud Light, Budweiser, Budweiser Select or Budweiser Select 55 paid via Anheuser-Busch Digital Prepaid Mastercard.

Troy Aikman, pictured here in September 2021, has often expressed his opinions with great candor

Troy Aikman, pictured here in September 2021, has often expressed his opinions with great candor

The Mulvaney deal came after the brand’s ousted chief marketing officer, Alissa Heinerscheid, said she planned to update the “fratty” and “out of touch” brand.

Clearly, Heinerscheid was the one who was out of touch, as evidenced by her sudden dismissal and subsequent replacement.

Aikman’s comments will ring true with those who also enjoyed his comments — which were understandably offensive to a select group during the NFL season.

The former Cowboys quarterback urged the league to “take the robes off”, in a metaphorical phrase to soften the once violent game.

“I hope the competition committee looks at this in the next round of meetings and, you know, we take the dresses off,” Aikman said after a dubious blow from the setter call by Chris Jones on Derek Carr in october.

Following mainstream and social media hysteria, Aikman apologized for the comments, calling them “dumb remarks.”

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