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Trine 5 Announced: A critically acclaimed fantasy series returns in 2023 – WhatsNew2Day


Trine 5 has been unveiled, continuing a popular puzzle series with a sleek look.

Hardly any other series lives so much from its fairytale world as Trine. The puzzle series with the impressive look and the charming heroes has existed since 2009 and has always been able to cause enthusiasm with each new part. Well, maybe with the exception of part three, but Finnish studio Frozenbyte has now seen that for itself.

In 2023 the journey continues and this time the developers prefer not to dare any more daring experiments, but instead take up all the classic strengths that Trine has stood for for more than 14 years.

Trine 5 has been unveiled and the trailer shows off its chic fairytale world and gameplay

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Trine 5 has been unveiled and the trailer shows off its chic fairytale world and gameplay

That’s what Trine 5 is about

As in the four predecessors, in Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy we experience another adventure of the now seamlessly welded group of heroes around the warrior Pontius, the magician Amadeus and the thief Zoya. This time, the three must contend with a mechanical threat emanating from a scheming noblewoman and her cunning mechanic.

Accordingly, this time the three heroes are taken away from the typically magical and fairytale-like environments and into more futuristic settings, such as an underwater complex or a huge airship. In the fights, even mechanized machines have recently gotten in the way, from which Zoya’s arrows, for example, sometimes bounce.

As usual, the fights against henchmen or bosses make up a small part of the fun. It’s much more about solving tricky physical puzzles in order to go through the level environments in the usual 2.5D from left to right.

How exactly you solve the puzzles is not strictly prescribed. All you have to do is cleverly combine the different abilities of the three heroes or agree on a solution in co-op with up to three friends.

That makes Trine 5 different

Trine 5 doesn’t even try to set itself apart from its direct predecessor. At first glance, you could almost think it’s a DLC for the four-year-old Trine 4 – but at least in terms of scope, that’s not enough, because Trine 5 is supposed to be the biggest game in the whole series so far.

There are also a few other new features:

  • Optical adjustment: You can now also customize your heroes visually and put together a very own outfit for each of the three.
  • Life: In the past, heroes could respawn indefinitely if it ended fatally. Now they will reset to a checkpoint after dying three times.
  • Quests: To unlock special abilities, each hero must complete a unique task in a level area.
  • Sign: Whereas Pontius used to be able to block enemies indefinitely, the knight’s shield wall will sooner or later be broken if he takes too many hits.
  • skills: Each hero roster will also have a few new abilities that they unlock as they progress. For example, Amadeus is now allowed to conjure up explosive boxes.

As I said, these innovations are not really groundbreaking. On the other hand, the studio has got itself in trouble with Trine 3 and now prefers to skilfully continue the proven concept. The game is scheduled to be released in summer 2023.

What do you think of the announcement? Are you looking forward to Trine 5 or would you have preferred more real changes? We want to read your opinions in the comments!

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