Trevor Noah pays tribute to Black women in his life in last edition of The Daily Show

Trevor Noah paid tribute the ‘brilliant. Black On Thursday’s final edition of The Daily Show, he honored the women in his life.

The 38-year-old comedian from South Africa thanked his fans in a segment. Black He credits his success in showbusiness to the women who ‘nourished, formed’ him.

Noah said, “Special shout out!” Black Women – I have been credited with having such great ideas. People say, “Oh Trevor, you’re so smart.” I’m like, “Who do YOU think teaches you?” Who do YOU think shaped me, nourished or formed me? 

The latest: Trevor Noah (38), paid tribute to the “brilliant” Black His final edition Thursday of The Daily Show featured women from his past

‘From My mom and my grandma[mom]All these were done by my aunt Black I have had women in my life. People should talk to me about America if they want to really learn about it. Black Women cause, and they do it differently than everyone else. Black women can’t afford to f*** around and find out. 

Noah said that Noah was a “Black People know how hard it can be when things go wrong. This is especially true in America, but it could happen anywhere. Black People live… even when it’s bad Black It’s worse for them than it seems.

Noah said ‘Black women in particular, they know what s*** is. They know what to expect if things don’t go according to plan.

Noah named a number Black leaders who are influential to him – a group consisting of Tarana Burke, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Roxane Gay and Zoé Samudzi – calling them ‘brilliant, brilliant women’ who informed, educated and argued with him.

The South African comedian thanked the fans and the brilliant’ in a segment. Black His success in show business was due to the ‘nutrition and shaping’ of his women mentors

Noah expressed his gratitude to his crew and fans on the final edition of the show. 

Noah said that Noah was a “Black People understand how difficult it can be when things go wrong, especially in America. But, anyone can understand the difficulty of this. Black People live… even when it’s bad Black It’s worse for them than it seems.

“Do yourself a favor. Do you really want to know what to or how to do it?” He said. “Or maybe the best or most equitable way? Talk to Black Women – They are a large part of why I am here and I’m grateful to their support. I am grateful to each and every one of you. This was an honor. Thank you.

Noah reflected on his Comedy Central series stewardship, which began in September 2015.

Noah stated that he recalled when the show was first started, there wasn’t enough people to fill it. ‘There were empty chairs, then I looked at it now, I don’t take it for granted. 

He Continued: ‘Every seat that’s ever been filled to see me do something, I always appreciate it because it makes me realize that there’s always an empty seat behind it so thank y’all so much. Thank you to all who have viewed the clips and those who shared them.

Noah looked back at his Comedy Central series as a stewardship, which began in September 2015. Pictured in 2016.

Noah stated that Noah appreciated everyone who had an opinion, and everyone who was kind enough and gracious enough to offer a critique.

“I want to say that I appreciate those people. Even those who hate-watch, you still managed to pull up the ratings. I’m eternally grateful to all of you.

Noah announced his departure from the show at a September 29 taping. He said that he felt grateful after seven years hosting the show. Jon Stewart left the show in 2015.

The Johannesburg, South Africa-born television personality stated that he realized after seven years that his time was up.

Noah said that ‘so many people didn’t believe in us,’ adding that ‘it was a crazy bet to make’ to anoint him host of the series.

He stated that he still believed it was a crazy decision – to choose this random African. “I wanted to thank the audience for seven amazing years. It’s been wild. It’s been truly wild.’

Noah’s departure comes amid a time a number of his colleagues have ended their shows, including Conan O’Brien last year and Samantha Bee earlier this year.

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