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Tredwell Coffee temporarily closing in Aurora and Wheaton


Tredwell Coffee is briefly closing its Aurora and Wheaton websites, with owner Chad Dawes stating he can no longer pay for to remain in company without assistance from the neighborhood.

Wednesday was the last day at the 2 places prior to the short-lived closure started.

Dawes’ better half, Sarah, stated Tredwell was struck with 4 gut punches – the pandemic, high-interest loans business secured to remain open, the increasing expense of products and last but not least her spouse’s health battles.

Chad Dawes developed a GoFundMe Tuesday afternoon requesting $200,000 to support Tredwell’s downtown Aurora and Wheaton areas. More than $12,000 was raised since Wednesday afternoon, he stated.

Dawes is now in the house recuperating from surgical treatment recently. He stated he is thinking about declaring personal bankruptcy.

“Right now, I can’t combat,” he stated. “I’m physically and psychologically down, so we needed to make the tough option to close momentarily so I can return on my feet to have more time to see if we can get things combined.”

Sarah Dawes stated the neighborhood’s reaction up until now to the GoFundMe drive, and what individuals have actually published online, reveal what Tredwell Coffee indicates to workers and consumers.

“You can picture how prevented we were approaching this minute and it was truly difficult to make ourselves susceptible and share what was going on,” she stated of developing the fundraising drive.

Chad Dawes stated he is going to invest “nevertheless long it takes” to find out a method to open business once again.

The contributions to the GoFundMe drive will assist make certain that Tredwell’s 26 staff members, who Sarah Dawes stated resemble household, will earn money for their work.

If the drive can raise around $65,000 to $75,000, Chad Dawes stated it would suffice to think about resuming the coffeehouses.

The $200,000 which is the supreme objective of the GoFundMe would supply the cash required to assist combine all the high-interest loans business secured to make it through, he stated.

“The hardest part is understanding we will put 26 individuals out of a task,” Sarah Dawes stated. “Obviously, losing a service is hard, however understanding the effect on them is even harder.”

As far as assistance throughout the pandemic, Chad Dawes stated Tredwell got a $30,000 forgivable loan in May 2020 through the federal Paycheck Protection Program and in 2021 it got a U.S. Small Business Administration grant of $34,000.

Business required to get loans to endure. In 2022, Tredwell had its finest year ever, however the loan payments started and removed at any revenues, he stated.

Furthermore, since of the increasing expense of items due to inflation, he stated business was no longer earning a profit on its food products, even after raising costs.

In the in 2015, Dawes stated his health has actually continued to decrease as he combats with fibromyalgia and Lyme illness. He suffered a significant cardiovascular disease in 2021 and has actually had significant surgical treatments on his cervical spinal column, making it harder for him to work, he stated.

“It’s simply an ideal storm,” he stated.


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