Treating Erectile Dysfunction: Myths vs. Facts


Men having a problem with their sexual performance are mostly reluctant to talk to their physicians because they find it embarrassing. It is natural to have trouble with erections, especially during sex, but this can become a serious issue if it persists. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you should visit a doctor and don’t attempt to remedy the situation by yourself. There may be a chance you get exposed to misinformation and end up causing more complications for yourself. 

As informative as the internet can be, it is also a source of misinformation. Anyone can share whatever they want across the internet, especially when it comes to medical conditions. So, if you need to search for information online, make sure you go on official medical websites. It would also be helpful if you cross-check what you know with a doctor. Through this article, we will guide you through some myths and facts of erectile dysfunction:

It Occurs With Age

A common myth is that as soon as men get older, they experience erectile dysfunction more often, or they need to live with it. However, the facts say otherwise. While it is true that older men experience erectile dysfunction, but it is treatable. They can buy sildenafil or similar pills that can help them get an erection. Did you know? Younger men may also experience erectile dysfunction due to preexisting medical conditions such as blocked arteries.

It Is Life-Threatening 

Don’t fall for the myth that not getting an erection can be hazardous for your health. Sure, it may be embarrassing and heavily impact your self-esteem, it is not physically harmful to you. However, erectile dysfunction, especially at a young age, indicates other serious illnesses. You may be at risk of diabetes or other heart problems. So, you should see a doctor and find out why you have ED and any medical condition you need to be aware of. 

Lack of Sexual Desire Causes ED

Another myth surrounding ED is that your lack of sexual desire towards your partner is why you’re having trouble with an erection. That is not true. It is the amount of blood that flows to your penis, causing an erection. The most common causes of ED include heart problems such as high blood pressure. 

Atherosclerosis is fat depositing in the walls of the arteries causing it to harden if you’re on medications for blood pressure, anxiety, or depression. Another factor that may lead to ED could be indulging in too much alcohol or excessive smoking. However, all the conditions are treatable. 

There Are Limited Treatments for ED

The internet may lead you to believe that only pills can help you treat your erectile dysfunction. While pills are the most common route, they are not the only ones. There are different treatments available to treat ED. However, side effects caused by medications are also a common cause of ED.

Consult a doctor and find out what alternate medications you can use that don’t carry the same side effects. You can also help yourself by making changes to your way of living. Try to cut down on the amount of alcohol or cigarettes you consume. Start exercising more and be mindful of your diet. You can even go down psychotherapy and counseling, especially if you have anxiety that keeps you from getting an erection. Depending on what you’re going through, find the appropriate help to treat your ED.

Herbs and Penis Pumps Can Help Me  

The internet is brimming with advertisements on herbal oils, surgical treatments, and mechanical vacuum devices. What’s worse is accessing these items is way easier than finding reliable medical information. Suppose you try to treat ED without consulting a doctor. In that case, you may either end up making no progress or making yourself ill in other aspects. If you take supplements off the internet, you may not know what you’re signing up for!

You may also not know if you’re allergic to any ingredient. Besides, using pumps and oils can injure your penis, especially if you don’t know how to use them and how much pressure is appropriate.  You should also know that fracturing your penis is possible. It happens when you bend your penis to a dangerous angle and injure the spongy tissue inside. It is also possible to harm yourself without knowing the cause of your ED. What if you have diabetes? In that case, no amount of herbal supplement or oils can help you. 

Wrap Up

Erectile dysfunctions are not uncommon but can be a source of shame. Due to this, people may resort to dangerous means to overcome this issue. You may end up reading the wrong information off the internet and further harm yourself. Unless you have a doctor’s approval, never try any treatments on yourself. You should also know that the most common cause of ED is preexisting medical conditions and not your performance. So check in with a doctor and start treatment right away. Don’t harbor misconceptions such as your age may be the reason for your ED. Find out why exactly you are having trouble with an erection.