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Traveller left ‘traumatised’ after rough and rocky journey on a ferry in Greece: ‘Now I understand what people warned me about’


A traveler has shared her regrets after having a nightmarish experience taking a ferry in Greece that cost over AUD 150.

Nikki said she booked a ticket for €100 on a Greek ferry despite the horror stories told by other travellers.

She said she knew she was ‘in trouble’ when she first laid eyes on the ferry as it swayed dramatically in the waves and spent the entire trip hearing and smell the vomiting of other passengers.

The travel blogger had taken four different ferries around Greece without any problems during her trip, but on this particularly hectic day she said it was a “miracle” that she was not sick.

“NOW I understand why people warned me about ferries to Greece,” Nikki, from North Carolina in the US, captioned on TikTok. video.

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American traveler Nikki (pictured) has recounted her ‘traumatic’ experience on a Greek ferry, saying it was a ‘miracle’ that she didn’t get sick among the vomiting passengers around her for two hours

“BEWARE of those fast ferries, they are really just big speedboats and they are tossed about in the waves. And it was even one of their biggest projects.

Nikki and fellow traveler Colton had booked a place on a fast ferry with SeaJet for €100 or AUD166 each, as the trip would take less than two hours.

“As soon as I saw the ferry I knew we were in trouble, it was tossing about in the waves like a rag doll,” she said.

“We were seeing the ferry and it’s moving, it’s rocking back and forth. I don’t even know how people get away with it and I’m immediately scared: it’s a nightmare with seasickness.’

Nikki paid 166 AUD for a ticket on the ferry from Santorini to Crete.  She was shocked by the loud metal scraping and rattling noises as the boat rocked in the waves.

Nikki paid 166 AUD for a ticket on the ferry from Santorini to Crete. She was shocked by the loud metal scraping and rattling noises as the boat rocked in the waves.

While waiting to board, Nikki was shocked by loud metal scraping and clanking sounds as the boat rocked in the waves.

“People are gasping around us,” Nikki said as a woman in the crowd next to her announced, “It doesn’t feel safe to me.”

“We get on board and we get tossed about in the hull of the ship while everyone packs their luggage,” recalls the traveler.

“It took so long for everyone to put their luggage away because people were falling over trying to put their luggage on the racks.”

As they packed up their luggage, Nikki, who is prone to nausea, took a motion sickness preventative drug called Dramamine.

“We went upstairs and the seating was hit and miss, there were staff members just telling us where to sit and we luckily sat next to a window, I mean it was just a miracle,” she said.

Grateful to have her seat by the window where she can keep an eye on the horizon to combat her seasickness and with her sailor bracelet, noise canceling headphones and medication on board, Nikki said she felt pretty good.

Only 15 minutes into the trip, staff began distributing sick bags to passengers as the waters were choppy and rocky.

“You know, it’s bad when staff say, ‘You’re all going to throw up,'” she said.

“There was a point where everyone was silent, everyone was so unhappy it got really quiet and we all went to our happy place.”

Then, after 25 minutes, Nikki began to hear other passengers throwing up from the choppy conditions rocking the boat violently.

“The woman in front of me started throwing up, then I heard another person and another person,” she said.

“Then at one point I swear there were six or seven people around me throwing up and I was trying so hard not to listen to it.”

Nikki spent the rest of the trip trying not to get sick herself as she could both hear and even smell people throwing up around her, but she made the one hour and 45 minute journey unscathed.

“Really, it’s not SeaJet’s fault – it was just the script but I was really, really happy to get off that boat,” Nikki admitted.

“I still can’t believe we paid $200 to have people throw up around us for two hours.”

Nikki’s ‘nightmare’ clip has been viewed 10.5 million times and shocked many in the comments.

“I would have jumped overboard when I heard the first person throw up,” wrote one viewer.

“The sweat on your brow tells me I would NEVER SURVIVE THAT BOAT RIDE. People throwing up is my number one anxiety,” exclaimed a second.

Viewers shared their own experiences of traveling on ferries in Greece. Some have had unpleasant journeys while others have compared it to a “herd like cattle”.

“It happened to me and my friend. We said, ‘If hell exists, it’s here,’ said one woman.

“The SECOND, you said ferry between Santorini and Crete. I knew. I am traumatised. My friends were traumatized,” another replied.

“This happened to me in October and I SWEAR I will never do this again,” someone added.

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