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Transgender stalker, 29, ‘threatened to kill’ Harry Styles’ female security consultant

Transgender stalker, 29, ‘threatened to kill’ Harry Styles’ female security consultant

Transgender stalker, 29, ‘threatened’ to kill Harry Styles’ female security adviser whom she saw as a ‘barrier’ to a relationship with the One Direction star

  • Harry Styles, 28, was stalked by obsessed admirer Diana Tarazaga-Orero, 29
  • Tarazaga-Orero ‘threatened to kill his security adviser Michelle Roycroft, 52’
  • Ex-Met officer Ms Roycroft received abusive messages including ‘death threats’
  • Now detained under the Mental Health Act, Tarazaga-Orero accepted a stalking warrant

Harry Styles’ obsessive stalker “threatened to kill his security adviser,” whom she saw as an obstacle to having a relationship with the pop star.

Styles’ own security adviser feared for her life due to the antics of 29-year-old Diana Tarazaga-Orero, a court said yesterday.

Tarazaga-Orero threatened to arrive at Michelle Roycroft’s office and “kill her,” That reports the Sun.

Ex-Met officer Ms Roycroft, 52, says she was bombarded with more than 100 abusive messages and phone calls.

“It was terrifying,” she said.

Harry Styles first encountered stalker Diana Tarazaga-Orero at a bus stop in 2019 and offered to help her, believing she was homeless

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The antics of 29-year-old stalker Diana Tarazaga-Orero left Harry Styles’ own security adviser fearing for her life, a court said yesterday

Spanish-born Tarazaga-Orero is said to have continued to send the malicious messages even on the day she showed up at Style’s north London home in February.

Tarazaga-Orero, who is undergoing a gender reassignment, viewed Ms Roycroft as an obstacle to accessing the One Direction star.

Tarazaga-Orero, now detained under a mental health warrant, agreed to a stalking warrant at Highbury Corner magistrates’ court.

At an earlier hearing in September, it was reported that Styles was “constantly on guard” and fearful of being followed by his stalker, who barged into the star’s London home when he was present.

Orero Taragaza gained access to the grounds of Harry Styles’ home in February after being mistaken for a delivery boy.

She then broke into the house and fought a construction worker while the As It Was singer was upstairs.

Wood Green Crown Court heard the stalker was eventually forced out of the house after having to be ‘pry’ off a wall.

Styles first encountered the stalker at a bus stop in 2019 and offered to help her, believing she was homeless

Orero then repeatedly appeared outside his home and once grabbed Styles while he was jogging and demanded money from him.


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