Transgender paedophile, 25, identified as a woman to groom 14-year-old girl and got her pregnant

After identifying as transgender woman, a paedophile could groom, sexually abuse and get pregnant a 14 year-old girl at school.

Tattooed David Orton made friends with the victim’s family. He was also trusted to be there alone because the victim, who is 25 years old, has a gender identity.

However, Orton started a nine and a half-year sentence in prison today. Alerted the police October 2020.

Orton, a Hinckley, Leicestershire man had so extensively groomed his victim she refused to believe that she was being exploited or sexually abused.

Last June, she disclosed to officers that she had been in a relationship with the sex offender and was now pregnant.

Last night, a woman’s rights activist Caroline Ffiske MailOnline: “This is the tragedy about which gender-critical women should be worried.”

David Orton was able a friend victim to transgender woman offender

Leicester Crown Court Heard Orton Had Used The Name 'Danielle Rose Gemini' And Had Sex With The Youngster After Befriending Her Family

Leicester Crown Court heard Orton, who had been friends with her family and used the name Danielle Rose Gemini, had sex in public with the youngster.

“Be kind, but sex matters” is one of the risks. 

A source familiar with the case said the sex offender used the status as a transgender woman to get close to the victim.

They said: “Orton used her identification as a female to get close to the victim.”

MailOnline was informed Orton was sent to a male prison. 

Last Thursday Leicester Crown Court heard the paedophile had used the name ‘Danielle Rose Gemini’ and had sex with the youngster after befriending her family.

Caroline Ffiske, Left Pictured With Maya Forstater And Heather Binning, Said This Type Of Case Was What Gender Critical Women Had Been Worried Could Happen

Caroline Fiske (left) pictured with Maya Forstater & Heather Binning. Heather Binning and Caroline Fiske said this was the type of case that gender critical women have been concerned could happen.

Orton was arrested after the girl’s parents became worried about Orton’s friendship with their daughter.

Leicester Police said Orton had denied any wrongdoing but was found guilty of two counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child aged 13 to 15 after the trial.

The abuser was released from four additional charges, including two counts for raping a 13-year-old girl. 

Judge Timothy Spencer KC said: ‘You are a self-pitying and self-obsessed individual who shows no detectable empathy and not a shred of remorse for your actions.

“Those actions have caused the destruction of a mother-daughter relationship when they should have been close. They have also caused the devastation to the wider community and taken away the teenage years of a child that will never be relived.

Although the victim could not be identified for legal reasons, it was believed to be vulnerable.

Orton was identified as a man in court and was charged with the offense. 

Women’s rights campaigners often raise concerns about the possibility that a predatory male could be identified as a woman to attack females.

They believe that biological sex can never be changed and that women require female-only spaces.

Kellie Jay Keen founder of Standing For Women said: “We know that predatory males will use any tool to access victims.

“It’s amazing to think that they might not pretend like women to allow them unlimited access to children.

“Safeguarding cannot be subordinated to ideology, religions, and cultural trends.

“When it does, it leaves everyone more at risk.” 

Leicestershire Police Detective Constable Sarah Le Boutillier stated that Orton used victim’s vulnerability for his own gain. He also groomed victim’s parents, believing Orton to be a genuine friend.

“During our interviews Orton refused to admit that there had been any wrongdoing and that they were the victim.” These claims were not supported.

“This was a complicated and long investigation. The initial report was submitted to police over two years ago.

“The parents of the victim refused to accept her initial explanations, but they continued to express their concern.

“We are glad that the victim finally had the courage to speak about her experience and acknowledged that Orton’s actions weren’t those of a friend.

“We hope that the sentence and verdict now help the victim to accept what happened and try to put it behind her. It also assures her parents that she did the right thing and came forward.

“We want to reassure any other person in a similar situation. They can report their concerns and they will be heard. We will assist them.

“We understand that it can be difficult to speak up. We have specialists officers who will help you every step of your way. They can also connect you with agencies that can support and advise you.

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