Transgender charity Mermaids ‘refuses to show staff report as there isn’t a safe space to read it’

The transgender children’s charity Mermaids is not allowing staff to view a report on the former chief executive’s leadership because it has no “safe space” where it can be read.

All staff were due to receive a copy of former boss Susie Green’s report yesterday, however it was withheld due to “staff welfare”.

Ms Green resigned from her position last month following a series of complaints from staff, including that she was reportedly not transgender.

Other concerns were raised about alleged racism and Ms Green’s noncommittal response to the scandals.

Protection issues were also highlighted after a trustee addressed a conference hosted by an organization that promotes pedophile services.

Susie Green, A Former It Consultant With No Medical Background, Stepped Down As Ceo Of Mermaids After Six Years In November.

Susie Green, a former IT consultant with no medical background, stepped down as CEO of Mermaids after six years in November.

His leadership was described by one whistleblower as ‘incapable’, The Telegraph informed.

Yesterday, staff were told in an email from administrator Mat Maddocks that the board of directors felt it could not “safely share the EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) report today as we had planned,” the newspaper reported.

Maddocks said there was “unacceptable risk” for the report’s authors, citing the media coverage.

He added: “Our first priority is the well-being of our staff and given these events it is not possible to create the safe spaces to process the report.”

Another source told the newspaper that staff believe the report will not be published or made available to them.

The Charity Commission has also opened a formal investigation into Mermaids after identifying concerns about its leadership.

The watchdog said its investigation had been triggered by “recently identified issues” regarding the “governance and management” of the youth organization.

The organization faced backlash after promoting potentially dangerous ‘chest ties’ for children and trying to have the LGB Alliance removed as a charity.

Opened on 28 November under section 46 of the Charities Act 2011, the inquiry will look into whether Mermaids’ governance is adequate in relation to the activities carried out by the charity.

The Charity Commission had already opened a regulatory compliance case at the charity in September after protection concerns were raised.

The commission said Friday that Mermaids’ response to the initial compliance case “has not provided the necessary assurance or satisfied the commission at this stage.”

1670292462 16 Transgender Charity Mermaids Refuses To Show Staff Report As There

1670292462 16 Transgender Charity Mermaids Refuses To Show Staff Report As There

The transgender charity Mermaids has been mired in controversy for months and was recently criticized by JK Rowling

It added: “The regulator will seek to determine whether the charity’s governance is appropriate in relation to the activities it carries out, which involve vulnerable children and young people, as well as their families.”

It comes after former CEO Susie Green quietly resigned from Mermaids last month.

Ms. Green had been the organization’s first staff member. The Leeds-based charity, which also has an office in London, has some 44 staff members and 110 volunteers.

The move was announced in a statement on the charity’s website, but no explanation was given as to what was behind the decision. Mermaids said an interim CEO would be appointed.

Mermaids said it commissioned an independent external report to make a “frank and honest” assessment of its internal culture earlier this year.

The report is said to have highlighted “a number of significant challenges” for the charity.

“We know we need to do better and we are absolutely committed to doing so, and we will implement the report’s recommendations as a priority,” Mermaids added.

‘The charity has an unwavering commitment to protection, which is, and always will be, our top priority.

“We will continue to cooperate fully, openly and in full transparency with the Charity Commission as its investigation unfolds.”

The Organization Also Faced Backlash After Promoting The Potentially Dangerous 'Chest Bandage' (Pictured Above), Which Can Flatten And Constrict The Breasts, To Children.

The Organization Also Faced Backlash After Promoting The Potentially Dangerous 'Chest Bandage' (Pictured Above), Which Can Flatten And Constrict The Breasts, To Children.

The organization also faced backlash after promoting the potentially dangerous ‘chest bandage’ (pictured above), which can flatten and constrict the breasts, to children.

Earlier this year, a trustee for the transgender children’s charity sensationally resigned after it emerged he had spoken at an “academic” conference hosted by an organization promoting pedophile services.

Dr. Jacob Breslow, who was a PhD student in gender research at the London School of Economics at the time, presented his research at an event in Baltimore for the US-based B4U-ACT in 2011.

B4U-ACT lists its goals as supporting and promoting ‘a science-based understanding of people in our communities who are attracted to children or adolescents’ on its own website.

Dr. Breslow’s presentation, titled Sexual Alignment: Critiquing Sexual Orientation, The Pedophile, and the DSM V, seems to criticize the social understanding of pedophiles.

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