Trans child surgery has risen 13 TIMES in last decade at some US hospitals

Sex reassignment surgeries in American children have increased more than tenfold in the past decade, a study suggests.

In what is believed to be the largest study of its kind, researchers looked at the number of mastectomies performed since 2013 among under-18s in a major California health system.

The surgery involves surgically removing breast tissue and flattening the breasts of biological girls who are trans so they can feel more aligned with their gender identity.

The results showed a 13-fold increase in annual procedures performed by 2020, with girls as young as 12 undergoing the irreversible surgery. In 2013, fewer than five per 100,000 trans girls underwent the surgery, up from a peak of nearly 50 per 100,000 in 2019.

As gender-affirming care becomes more popular with children, patients who regret the irreversible procedure have spoken out about their challenges since surgery, including fears that they will never become mothers.

The number of children undergoing the procedure has increased tenfold since 2013 (pictured left). Some patients were as young as 12 years old (show top right). The vast majority did not regret the surgery, with only 2 children saying they wished they hadn’t gone through with it

The researchers studied mastectomies between January 2013 and July 2020 for girls ages 12 to 17 in Northern California’s Kaiser Permanente health system, which spans 56 regions.

It is home to two specialist gender clinics, but patients can access gender care in all of its services.

The results found a 13-fold increase in surgeries at Kaiser’s 27 hospitals in the region.

One of Oakland’s hospitals performed 70 top surgeries on children ages 13 to 18 in 2019 — a big increase from five in 2013, the agency said. New York Times.

The overall decline from 2019 to 2020 may be due to a reduction in the number of surgeries taking place due to the pandemic.

Of the 209 patients who underwent the surgery, 10 were 12 or 13 years old.

The median age of referral was 16 years.

The majority had a history of mental illness – about 60 percent had anxiety and/or depression and 11 percent had a history of an eating disorder.

The most common procedure was a double incision, where a horizontal cut is made on each side of the breast to remove breast tissue. Nipples are also removed and reduced in size.

Only two patients reported postoperative regret, but neither underwent reparative surgery.

However, the median postoperative follow-up was just over two years, and an increasing number of adults express regret after surgery as children.

Of the 137 patients followed for more than a year after surgery, seven percent had at least one complication, including severe bruising, infection and scarring that required steroid injections.

All were biological girls, 87 percent of whom identified as male. About 10 percent identified as non-binary and three percent identified as “other.”

This Map Shows The Percentage Of Children Between The Ages Of 13 And 17 Identified As Transgender By State. The Dark Colors Indicate A Larger Proportion Of Young Pigeons. In New York And New Mexico It Is Even Three Percent

This map shows the percentage of children between the ages of 13 and 17 identified as transgender by state. The dark colors indicate a larger proportion of young pigeons. In New York and New Mexico it is even three percent

A Massachusetts-Based Detransitioner Named Shape Shifter Transitioned From Male To Female, But Ran Into Terrible Medical Problems. He Has Since Transitioned And Identifies As A Gay Man With A Feminine Appearance. He Has Faced Harassment And Harassment After Publicly Criticizing Transgender Ideology. He Was Branded A Lackey By Florida Governor Ron Desantis For Testifying At The Florida Hearing, And Is Now Considering Whether To Buy A Gun For Self-Defense

A Massachusetts-based detransitioner named Shape Shifter transitioned from male to female, but ran into terrible medical problems. He has since transitioned and identifies as a gay man with a feminine appearance. He has faced harassment and harassment after publicly criticizing transgender ideology. He was branded a lackey by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for testifying at the Florida hearing, and is now considering whether to buy a gun for self-defense

Sinead Watson, From Glasgow, Scotland, Lived As A Man From The Age Of 23 And Underwent A Double Mastectomy, But Realized At The Age Of 27 That She Had Made A Terrible Mistake And Was Displaced By The Age Of 28. She Took To Social Media This Week About Widespread Harassment From The Transgender Community She Left:

Sinead Watson, from Glasgow, Scotland, lived as a man from the age of 23 and underwent a double mastectomy, but realized at the age of 27 that she had made a terrible mistake and was displaced by the age of 28. She took to social media this week about widespread harassment from the transgender community she left: “I received rape and death threats,” Watson posted in the photo earlier this year. “I was called a horrible freak show.”

To Live Like A Man, Watson Took The Male Hormone Testosterone For Years, Which Gives Her A Gruff Voice And Facial Hair That She Removes Every Two Days

To live like a man, Watson took the male hormone testosterone for years, which gives her a gruff voice and facial hair that she removes every two days

San Francisco benefits application with 134 genders and pronouns

People applying for San Francisco’s new low-income transgender scheme must choose from more than 130 genders, pronouns and sexualities.

The Democratic-led city is the second in America to offer targeted benefits specifically to residents who are transgender and earn less than $600 a month.

Those wishing to apply for the $1,200 per month guaranteed package can fill out a 10-page form online that asks for contact information, income, and Social Security.

But they are also invited to choose between 97 genders, 18 pronouns and 19 sexual orientation options and are told to “tick all that apply.”

Among the options listed are “xenogender” – a gender that is “beyond human understanding” – and “genderf*** – someone who purposefully sends mixed messages about their gender.

“Novigender,” which refers to someone who believes their gender identity is so complex that it cannot be described by existing categories, is also an option. Another option is “FTX,” which stands for “female-to-eXpansive” — a person assigned female at birth who identifies as non-binary.

The researchers calculated the incidence of sex reassignment mastectomies by dividing the number of patients who underwent the surgery by the number of children who were 12- to 17-year-old females at birth within their system at the beginning of each year and during follow-up. up.

Since the researchers calculated a figure, the increase is not simply due to more transgender people coming out. It means that the proportion of transgender children getting the surgery is higher.

The research has been published in the journal Annals of plastic surgery.

While it only applies to California, a Vanderbilt University study last month found that the number of breast reconstruction surgeries among trans youth had increased fivefold in recent years in the US.

There are currently no state or federal data.

As of September this year, transgender children from other states will be able to safely travel to California to receive gender-affirming care.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill that would provide legal protections for transgender youth and their parents fleeing states where access to things like puberty blockers is limited.

Four states — Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Arizona — enacted policies restricting children’s access to gender-affirming care during the summer.

This year, 15 states are considering implementing similar laws.

In October, the Florida Board of Medicine voted to ban gender-affirming care for trans teens.

The move blocks access to puberty blockers and hormone therapies for under-18s with gender dysphoria.

Board members said the decision was made based on the irreversibility of the drugs and the growing number of people choosing to “de-transition.”

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has long been critical of the use of medical treatments in trans children, previously saying doctors who operate on children “should be brought to justice.”

Several Republican states are imposing age limits or restricting access to puberty blockers or surgeries as the procedures become more common and a growing number of “de-transitioners” say they regret the irreversible surgeries.

According to the Williams Institute, a research center within the UCLA School of Law that specializes in LGBQT issues, approximately 300,000 teens identify as transgender in the United States.

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