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Train passenger hurls racist slurs at security guard in shocking three-minute tirade

The security guard calls the train passenger ‘Karen’ and accuses her of launching ‘racist’ abuse in a shocking three-minute tirade as she calls him a ‘pervert’ and rants: ‘You don’t like white women and you don’t like living In England’

  • Ashiq Rasul, 40, filmed a heated fight with a train passenger in Buckinghamshire
  • Unnamed woman accused him of calling her ‘sir’, which led to a three-minute fight
  • A woman told Ashiq that she did not like white women and that she did not like living in England

This is the shocking moment a train passenger hurled racist slurs at a security guard, who later called her ‘Karen’ during a heated dispute at a train station.

Ashiq Rasul was on duty at Beaconsfield station in Buckinghamshire when the incident occurred.

The 40-year-old man claims the fight broke out over a misunderstanding after he said ‘excuse me’ to the woman and she accused him of calling her ‘sir’.

Rasul then began filming as she launched into a tirade at him, accusing him of being misogynistic, sexist and not liking white women.

The woman calls Mr. Rasul unprofessional and continues, “You’re argumentative and confrontational and you probably don’t like women, you don’t like white women.” You don’t like living in England.

When the woman asks Mr. Rasul to leave him alone, he questions why she told him she didn’t like living in England while recording on her phone, prompting her to film him instead.

After insisting that he is not allowed to film it, Mr. Rasul tells him, “Just get away from me and don’t say anything about me again or I will call the police and escort you off the property.”

The pair continue to exchange heated words with the unidentified woman calling Mr. Rasul a pervert while he calls her a freak.

The woman said that Mr. Rasul does not deserve his job and then says: ‘Do you know what I do for a living? I help people like you to stay here and get a job.

Ashiq Rasul filmed the incident as things heated up at Beaconsfield station, Buckinghamshire.

The unidentified woman, whom Rasul described as Karen, also filmed the incident.

Security guard Ashiq Rasul claims he was subjected to racist abuse by an irate passenger who accused him of calling her “sir” in a lengthy and heated exchange he filmed on his phone.

Both sides insisted that the other person leave them alone and both tried to walk away several times during the three-minute standoff before returning to continue the dispute.

Rasul, who says he has since lost his job over an unrelated incident, said the incident “bothered him.”

He said Sun: ‘She was being racist. Hundred percent. Of course she was.

‘How can you tell me things like ‘I help people like you stay here’ and ‘You don’t like white women’?

The woman reportedly complained about the incident, but Mr. Rasul showed the managers his video and the complaint was reportedly dismissed.


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