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Tragic moment Ohio school bus driver quits after yelling at students


“I’m done with this sh**!” Sad Moment Ohio School Bus Driver Quits ‘After Being Tortured By Student Bullies Who Made Her Asthma By Spraying Perfume’ – Her rant Inspired T-Shirt

  • Jackie Miller said she was sorry for her reaction but wouldn’t change it
  • She lost her temper after the students sprayed the perfume she was allergic to
  • The previous month, Miller said, students had done the same thing, forcing her to give her an asthma attack, and that they had been harassing her for two years.

An Ohio school bus driver has quit in despair after yelling at students who sprayed cologne on their bus in the hope she would give her an asthma attack.

Jackie Miller She was filmed telling alleged teen bullies to “shut your mouth” in the town of Amherst where she has worked for the past two years, before finally announcing “I’m done with this a**t!”

The 15-year-old driver quit after last week’s incident, and she’s got her hands up on what local outlets have told her was persistent bad behavior from a certain group of students on her line, who she claims bullied her out of work.

As the video garnered millions of views, Miller became an unlikely hero Dozens of people jumped to her defense in what they felt was a just reaction to a dangerous situation. a A GoFundMe page to support her, a local store even started selling T-shirts with her infamous grumpy ad printed on them and donating the proceeds to school bus drivers associations.

Although Miller later told 3News that she regretted the incident, she said she would not take it back and that she felt her behavior was justified.

Miller said she was sorry for her reaction, but wouldn’t change what happened

Miller was caught on camera berating students after they sprayed perfume on their bus

Miller was caught on camera berating students after they sprayed perfume on their bus

In the video, Miller is seen raiding the bus lane after a student tells her someone sprayed perfume.

“How long do you expect me to take it?” She exclaimed, then demanded to know which student had done it.

All of the students denied spraying anything, but Miller insisted she could “smell the stench.”

“I’m so sick of you, I’m done with it,” she said, referring to the students. “I’ll start f***** g kicking some serious a**.”

‘Do you hear me?’ Screamed. “My feet would be so far f**king you’d dangle from your fucking nose.”

While the children continued to deny that they had ever sprayed perfume, Miller insisted she could smell it, saying “I’m allergic to it.”

She said, “I have to get off this bus now and let you go home.”

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Miller quote t-shirt. A portion of the sales will go to Miller to help her

Despite the severity of her reaction, Miller later defended her actions, telling 3News how just a month earlier the same group of students had sprayed perfume on a bus and caused her to have a serious asthma attack.

“I sprayed perfume on the bus and had a terrible asthma attack,” she said.

I had to stop the bus, grab my inhaler and try to open my lungs again. I made all the kids open all the windows they knew.

Miller explained that these students had been deliberately provoking her for years, and that when the perfume was sprayed again after the first incident, she finally had enough.

“I’m sorry about the way this happened, I really am,” she said. “I apologize for my actions, but I won’t take it back.”

“This is an ordeal for all bus drivers, and we are being treated in the worst possible sense of the word,” she added. “We are treated with such disrespect.”

The Amherst Schools superintendent told 3News that the students were disciplined following the incident.

The owner of local clothing store Main Street Thread, Jackie Adkins, said she felt for Miller after watching the video and decided to make T-shirts in support of her.

We all felt it at that moment. We’ve all had bad days, we’ve all been through hardships and our hearts just went out for her.

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