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Traditional marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which One Is Better?

Every business, large or small, uses marketing for running and growing their brands. Marketing is a vital part of any business that cannot be ignored at all. But there many types of marketing, and the two major are traditional marketing and digital marketing. Which one is better in terms of brand promotions and business growth today? 

Well, you can decide that yourself after going through this post. We are going to tell highlight the difference between digital marketing services and traditional ones. So, without further due, let’s get into it.


What is the Main Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing?

The function of digital and traditional marketing is the promotion of the products or services of the company and business growth. The main difference between digital and traditional marketing comes in the median through which the customer’s communication takes place. Traditional marketing uses medium like a newspaper, channel ads, films, and publications. In contrast, digital marketing uses tools like press releases, social media marketing, or search engine optimization for the promotion of the business. 


Which one is more advanced?

With technology, marketing has become advanced. That advanced version of marketing is now called digital marketing. In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing encompasses an of much more marketing opportunities like search engine optimization, best press release distribution service, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, and much more!


The Costs of Marketing-

To give you a clearer picture of the difference between them. In America, the Television ad spending was roughly around $72billions in 2017 which is a huge amount. On the contrary, less expense was on digital marketing was seen with more growth. Many expert Chief marketing officers predicted that digital marketing would take over the business in the next few years, which came to be true. Digital marketing lets you spend in different mediums at once which gives you more customers whereas business needs to spend a hefty amount on the TV ads.



Communication plays a significant role in marketing. With digital marketing business uses different marketing tactics to create customer engagement. With social media marketing and press release distribution business creates many ways to communicate with the customers at the places where the customer is more likely to present. But traditional marketing provides solely one-way communication by product promotions, which is not really effective.


Value Creation vs. Advertisement-

Traditional marketing only advertises the product or service and mainly focuses on increasing sales with their ads, but digital marketing creates value with the promotion. The main focus of digital marketers is to provide value to the audience that pushes them towards the product purchase. Everyone has access to the internet now,



In traditional marketing, very little information about that product or service is being shared in the advertisement. While digital marketing is more focused to provide information to the customer. They do that by increasing the reach of the customer on the websites from where they get all the information regarding the business offerings. This is done with the help of search engine optimization, which makes your business visible to the users who are searching exactly what your company is offering. 


Which one is better?

The answer can be quite simple. Digital marketing is far better and more effective than traditional marketing as digital marketing provides your clearer picture of your consumer’s insight and helps you under your return on investment better. In traditional marketing, you are in the dark, totally unaware of the consumer’s activities. You can’t even see how many people watch your ad. 


Every other day, online users are increasing, which provides an excellent channel for businesses to market their products using digital marketing.