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Trade bang! 49ers target Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers has long announced that he wants to play for the New York Jets next NFL season. However, negotiations with the Green Bay Packers, his current team, are faltering. A new opponent has therefore now been brought into play in “The Carton Show”.

Sports anchor Craig Carton said Thursday that the San Francisco 49ers are interested in Rodgers. The franchise would therefore already prepare an offer for the quarterback legend.

As Carton goes on to say, the 49ers could offer the Packers two third-round picks for this year’s NFL draft and one first-round pick for the 2024 draft. This offer puts the New York Jets under a lot of pressure.

According to NFL insider Charles Robinson, the Green Gang is currently only offering two second-round picks (one each for this year’s and the following draft) for the Rodgers deal. The offer from San Francisco seems more tempting in comparison.

Should the 49ers actually sign Rodgers, they would have an oversupply at the quarterback position. With Trey Lance and Brock Purdy, the team has two promising playcallers, who have to find their way back to their old strength after serious injuries. Sam Darnold has already been brought in as an interim solution.

Are the Jets slipping two NFL superstars through their fingers?

The New York Jets, on the other hand, have significantly less quality when it comes to their playmakers. Starting quarterback Zach Wilson, for example, was drafted in 2021, but has not yet delivered consistently. Aaron Rodgers should therefore initially serve as his teacher.

Incidentally, if the deal with A-Rod falls apart in the last few meters, the jets are threatened with a super meltdown. The franchise is also trying to get Odell Beckham Junior.

The superstar, who caused a sensation with the New York Giants for five years until 2019, only wants to return to the Big Apple if Rodgers also signs there.

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