Townsville boy Andre Daisy dies from meningitis after sore tummy, headache symptoms in Brisbane

A young boy who died after his family spent a dream holiday in Queensland tragically lost his life just days after complaining of a sore stomach and headache.

Andre Daisy, five, was in Brisbane on February 1 with his mother Trudy Stanley-Thaiday, stepfather Jarick and his three sisters when he developed flu-like symptoms on the last night of their holiday.

The next day, Andre woke up with a headache and vomited, but he acted like his “normal, happy little self” while his mother believed he was suffering from an ordinary “stomach flu.”

The family began their car ride home to Townsville, but it was not until about 2:00 pm when they were close to Gladstone when Andre had a seizure.

Andre Daisy, 5, died of severe meningitis encephalitis four days after flu-like symptoms

His parents stopped the car and immediately called an ambulance, but by the time he got to the hospital, his seizures had increased and doctors put him in an induced coma to let his body rest.

An hour later, the doctors made the decision to fly Andre over 350 miles to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Andre arrived at the children’s hospital at 11 p.m. Thursday night and his family said he would recover after promising MRI results showed he was stable.

An hour later, the doctors made the decision to fly Andre 350 miles to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Unfortunately, Andre did not respond, despite doctors’ attempts to relieve the swelling and pressure on his brain.

On Saturday morning, doctors confirmed the worst and said there was nothing they could do to save the little boy.

At 5:45 a.m. on Sunday, Andre breathed his last – just a day before his first day of school.

Andre’s mother Trudy and his stepfather Jarick, along with his father Larson Daisy and his stepmother Lana were by his side in his final moments.

Andre'S Mother Trudy Thought Her Son Had A 'Stomach Bug' As He Was His 'Normal Happy Little Self' Despite Suffering Headaches And Vomiting On The Morning Of Their Last Day In Brisbane

Andre’s mother Trudy thought her son had a ‘stomach bug’ as he was his ‘normal happy little self’ despite suffering headaches and vomiting on the morning of their last day in Brisbane

His stepmother’s brother, Shaneen McCann, started a GofundMe page to the little boy and said that both parents held his hand as he died.

“Andre was surrounded by so many of his family in the hospital, many of whom traveled to be by his side,” McCann wrote.

“He was bathed, dressed, held, talked to, had his hair done, was sung to, given toys and treats as we all prayed for a miracle.

“Andre passed away peacefully, still connected to life support and took all decisions out of the hands of his families.

He watched a new day dawn and watched the sunrise while being held by both sets of his parents and other family. With their hands on his chest, they felt Andre’s last heartbeats and spent their last day hugging him.’

Mr McCann said Andre used to joke around with different sayings and jokingly told his mother ‘When God knocks you better let him in’ two weeks before his death.

At the time of writing, the GoFundMe page has received 171 donations totaling $17,710, with funds helping Lana and Larson with their share of funeral expenses, travel expenses, and ongoing financial support.

“He will be incredibly missed by both parents, both siblings, and every heart he touched. May he rest in eternal peace,” wrote Mr. McCann.

Andre Suffered A Seizure On The Car Ride Home And Was Taken To Hospital In Gladstone Before His Condition Worsened And He Was Airlifted To Queensland Children'S Hospital (Pictured Andre With His Mother Trudy And Stepfather Jarick)

Andre suffered a seizure on the car ride home and was taken to hospital in Gladstone before his condition worsened and he was airlifted to Queensland Children’s Hospital (pictured Andre with his mother Trudy and stepfather Jarick)

Andre Tragically Passed Away On February 5.  His Family Is Raising Money To Have His Body Transported Home To Be Laid To Rest (Pictured Andre With His Father Larson Daisy And Stepmother Lana)

Andre tragically passed away on February 5. His family is raising money to have his body transported home to be laid to rest (pictured Andre with his father Larson Daisy and stepmother Lana)

Andre’s aunt Michaela Napier described her cousin as a “sweet” and “kind-hearted” boy who enjoyed playing video games and always made people laugh.

Mrs. Napier also started one GoFundMe page so her sister Trudy can take Andre home and lay him to rest in Townsville.

It is estimated that transporting Andre’s body from Brisbane to Townsville will cost approximately $11,000.

“He had no other symptoms, he had nothing, by the time anyone knew something was wrong with him it was too late to do anything to save him,” Ms Napier wrote.

“Because of how unexpected this was, we are now grappling with the question of how we are going to pay for all the costs.

“I can’t imagine how much pain my sister is in and there’s nothing I can do to help. So making this page is my way of helping her, so this is one thing she doesn’t have to worry about.”

Ms. Napier’s GoFundMe page has received 78 donations totaling $7,865 and is aiming for $10,000.

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