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Touching details discovered on Joel’s grave in The Last of Us 2.. | -WhatsNew2Day


The Last of Us 2 is known for its touching story and its dark side, which is the opposite of the first part. Although it raised controversy from many different angles, it remains the best project presented by Naughty Dog studio on a technical and visual level.

One of the players was able to discover a secret that was overlooked by a large number of the community of players who managed to try the game. Before talking about this secret and enclosing its content, we note the existence of “burnFor some events, so if you haven’t tried the game yet, don’t finish reading this news.

Almost at the beginning of The Last of Us 2 game, you are surprised by the death of one of the most important characters in the series, “Jules Miller”, the hero of the first part, as he is killed in the first hours of the second part by another character. However, Ellie goes to Joel’s grave to visit him after he is killed and to offer him Japanese flowers.

The killing of this particular character affected all players and fans of the series, but someone discovered why Ellie presented blue Japanese flowers instead of other flowers? The answer lies in the meaning behind presenting these flowers in particular over other flowers.

This game finds new ways to break me every other month
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A community user Reddit He was the first to discover this matter, as he said that the flowers presented by Ellie in front of Jules’ grave indicate three feelings, namely Regret, apology and forgiveness. And if we think about these words, they simply describe the relationship between Ellie and Joel during their journey together throughout the entire series. In other words, it summarizes the relationship between the two parties from its difficult beginning to its tragic end.

The studios have always provided many secrets and hints in its games that players discover, but this secret is the deepest in terms of meaning and hint, so what do you think of it?

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