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TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Well Word’


We were currently huge fans of designer BJ Malicoat, who operates under the name Bird Cartel, due to the release of Pine Tar Poker late in 2015. Poker is among those video games that sort of is what it is, so it’s constantly really tough to come up with some sort of innovative twist on a video game with mechanics that have actually been sharpened for years upon years or more. When it comes to Pine Tar Poker it was simply a couple of tweaks of those developed mechanics, a couple of liberties with formally acknowledged hands, a dash or 2 of transcendent phenomenon, and a really devoted Old Western style to make something that genuinely stood apart from the bajillions of poker video games ever launched. It made our Game of the Week when it launched.

You understand what else is a really recognized video game type that’s tough to mess around with? Word video games! Particularly word search video games. That reality has actually not prevented the Bird Cartel from meddling around with the precious category to produce something that feels really distinct with the simply launched Well WordThe fundamentals here are that you begin with a 5 × 5 board of letters and from that choice of 25 letters you wish to attempt to make as lots of 4-letter or more words out of them as you can. The catch is that all letters other than the one in the center can just be utilized 3 times, implying your stock of functional letters diminishes the more words that you make.

That right there is an engaging twist and Well Word most likely might have simply stopped there, however there are a couple of other wrinkles that actually take this one to the next level. Unsurprisingly, the longer the word you make the more points it deserves, and multipliers begin for 7+ letter words. You likewise get a bonus offer for including the center letter if you can, and extra points if your word utilizes letters that are all surrounding to each other. You’ll make benefit points for clearing whole rows or columns of letters off the board, with a big bonus offer for those smart sufficient to clear the entire board.

Well Word Takes a page out of the Wordle playbook as it includes a distinct grid of letters every day, and everybody plays the exact same grid. If you get your good friends and household into the video game you can all boast to each other about how great you did on each day’s level. If you spring for the premium unlock you’ll get a couple more modes. Lightning is the day-to-day puzzle however with a 2 minute time frame, and Challenges are arbitrarily created video games that you can play as often times as you desire. Each Challenge video game likewise has its own seed so you can share or replay specific puzzles.

Mentioning replaying, the premium unlock likewise offers you an in-depth History mode where you can recall at each Daily or Lightning puzzle you’ve played, see in-depth statistics from each video game, and even return to play formerly missed out on video games. Well Word simply released however due to it remaining in screening for some months the day-to-day puzzle is really on # 98 since today, however through the History mode you can return and play all those previous video games that you missed out on if you didn’t occur to be beta checking the video game given that the first day. Lastly the premium variation likewise consists of a variety of beautiful color styles to pick from.

Whatever is so well considered, which brings me to my last appreciation about Well Word which is the unbelievable level of polish in its UI and discussion. The method each letter’s background color “clears” a 3rd of the method after utilizing it in a word to suggest the number of more times you’re able to utilize that letter is so easy and simple to comprehend at a glimpse, it’s the type of information you can’t actually value till you’ve seen other video games attempt do communicate that sort of details in excessively complicated and messy methods. This seems like a Zach Gage video game, and I do not believe I might create any higher appreciation than that. Enough gushing, Well Word is totally free so simply attempt it on your own, and if you’re like me you’ll make an area for it ideal beside Wordle on your homescreen.

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