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Tottenham vs RB Leipzig – Champions League last-16: Live score and updates

Tottenham vs RB Leipzig, LIVE: Jose Mourinho’s men welcome Bundesliga title hunters in first leg of Champions League final-16 clash PLUS all the action of Atalanta vs Valencia

  • Tottenham by Jose Mourinho takes part in the Champions League promotion on Wednesday
  • They host Bundesliga title hunters RB Leipzig for the first part of their final-16 clash
  • You can follow all the actions of Atalanta and Valencia here
  • Both Champions League games start tonight at 8 p.m. (GMT)

Tottenham receives RB Leipzig on Wednesday-evening in the first leg of their popular Champions League draw.

The title hunters of the Bundesliga represent formidable opposition and Jose Mourinho is currently struggling with a lack of strikers with the seasonal injury of Son Heung-Min who depletes his options further.

Last season’s Champions League finalists know that Leipzig will not be an easy walk in the park and will be excited to take the upper hand by getting some of the game back to Germany next month.

It is a 50-50 game with little to split between each side and certainly an intriguing game with potential for many goals. You can follow all the build-up and live action of this, as well as the other Champions League match on Wednesday evening – Atalanta vs Valencia – here with Sportsmail’s JORDAN SEWARD.