Tottenham star attacker Harry Kane bumps away injured in the Everton draw


Harry Kane stumbles away injured late in Everton’s draw, leaving Jose Mourinho sweating over his star striker’s fitness for the first four run-in and Carabao Cup final over nine days.

  • Tottenham sustained a potential injury after Harry Kane limped off the field
  • The striker walked away during stoppage time from their 2-2 draw with Everton
  • Jose Mourinho said he wants to remain ‘optimistic’ and doesn’t know the size

Harry Kane faces a race against time to be fit for the Carabao Cup final after suffering a troubling ankle injury.

Kane, who had scored both of Tottenham’s goals in their 2-2 draw with Everton, stumbled away in the 90th minute after Richarlison landed on his right leg after a converge.

While Jose Mourinho was eager to defuse the situation, insisting that no definitive conclusions could be drawn, the way Kane responded was so troubling.

Tottenham has sustained a possible injury after Harry Kane hurt his ankle against Everton

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho said he wants to remain “optimistic” and does not know how bad it is

Mourinho will be concerned about the outcome of scans over the weekend, as will England coach Gareth Southgate, who was at Goodison Park last night.

Kane immediately requested a change and was only able to walk back to Tottenham’s locker room at the slowest pace, where he was judged.

Mourinho was unable to provide details as to whether Kane was on crutches or whether he was wearing a protective shoe – these measures are usually standard practice in the Premier League to stabilize and protect damaged joints.

Star striker Kane suffered ankle injuries to both his left and right foot earlier this season

But what was absolutely clear were the concerns that Mourinho will have caused a Wembley date with Manchester City next Sunday.

“It’s too early to say anything,” said Mourinho. ‘That he leaves the field with a few minutes to go is of course because he felt something. Let me be optimistic and believe he has time to recover. Let’s take a look.

“Let me be optimistic and believe it’s nothing serious. Obviously he’s a very important player for us. I can’t say much or speculate.

‘Both [Kane’s goals] were of crosses, but it was a great finish. It’s the kind of player that when you see the first touch and the control we’re used to seeing it in practice and we know it’s a fantastic finish. Two nice goals but no surprise to those who see him doing it every day in practice. ‘

Kane took to Twitter to comment on the game, saying it was disappointing not to score three points and that there was a big week ahead for Tottenham, which should also hit a Premier League game against Southampton.

Spurs are five points behind fourth place West Ham and have played an extra game

Spurs are five points behind fourth place West Ham and have played an extra game

But having suffered five separate ankle injuries since 2016, the fact that he’s hurt that part of his body again will leave Tottenham and England fans holding their breath, given his importance to both teams.

He has shown himself to be in excellent shape with goals on both sides of half time and Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti said: “We played a good game. It was probably the best we played at home this season. We were unlucky. We made easy mistakes and if you make mistakes against Harry Kane, you have been convicted.

‘It is a disappointing result, but not an achievement. We have more difficulties in reaching Europe, but we have to keep fighting. We still have an opportunity to play like that. ‘