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Tottenham can aim for a top four finish in the Premier League with Gareth Bale – bu

Tottenham can aim for a top-four finish in the Premier League with Gareth Bale – but don’t expect the new boy to go full throttle with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min for a month.

  • Gareth Bale could make his second Tottenham debut if they host West Ham
  • Danny Murphy believes Spurs can aim for the top four with their new arrival
  • Bale may need time to establish a relationship with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min
  • It’s unclear how fit Bale is, but Murphy is confident he will have a positive impact

Tottenham’s new front three with Gareth Bale is delectable – but fans should give him time to build rapport with Harry Kane.

We’ve seen Kane and Son Heung-min develop a fantastic partnership that helped Spurs hit five in Southampton and put six past Manchester United.

Baal is a different type. He likes the ball to the feet so he can run on people and throw off his shots.

Glenn Hoddle believes Gareth Bale can thrive as a 'creator' after returning to Tottenham

Glenn Hoddle believes Gareth Bale can thrive as a ‘creator’ after returning to Tottenham

He’s not as willing as Son to run without the ball, but he is capable of it. Finding the balance and learning each other’s game will be key to how the dream team works. Assuming Bale plays well, it’s all about Kane working out the runs Bale makes, whether he’s going out to get in, or keeping a little more width. Those little details are important and Kane will enjoy getting to the end of some of the Bale crosses too.

Jose Mourinho will be integral to how things are going. His teams always play in a certain structure and he may think playing with fullbacks is the best way to maximize Bale. You don’t want him chasing the opponent’s left back when Spurs go with a back-four.

Today’s home game against West Ham could be a clue. The Hammers usually play three in the back, so Mourinho will be tempted to match them.

I have no doubt Bale, Kane and Son will fix it. Great players are great decision-makers.

I think a top four finish must be Tottenham’s ambition now that they have added Bale, otherwise why bother? Some excited voices think they are title contenders after the defeat at Old Trafford. I don’t subscribe to that view, they still have too many defense and midfield weaknesses. But a cup and Champions League spot? Why not – the team looks like it has more depth now.

We don’t know Bale’s physical condition, but I would say you don’t expect the best from him for another month. If they succeed, that front three will be as good as anything in the country