Tottenham: Boss Antonio Conte refuses to discuss his contract because he likely wants to LEAVE

When Antonio Conte postpones talks about extending his contract, he usually does it because he has decided to leave. It happened at Juventus, it happened at Inter Milan and now it is happening at Tottenham Hotspur.

The signs of splitting with the Spurs are all there and Conte has a lot of recent history of leaving his club early.

Just days after insisting his contract is ‘not a priority’, Tottenham suffered a moderate defeat that disappointed fans, beating Manchester United 2-0 on Wednesday.

When Antonio Conte postpones contract talks, it usually means he wants to leave the club

Conte’s Tottenham side suffered a disappointing 2-0 defeat to Man United on Wednesday

When journalists ask him about his contract, the Italian coach usually raises his voice and answers with emotion because he doesn’t like questions that he can’t answer directly.

He only thinks about on-pitch matters, training and results and doesn’t want to hear anything else.

Conte is a professional and will give Tottenham, the club and the fans blood, sweat and tears even if he decides to leave at the end of the season. Make no mistake, he will put 100 percent of his energy into helping his current side.

Unfortunately, his contract with White Hart Lane will expire next summer and now is a good time to move elsewhere.

Conte thinks he should be at a top club and if he can’t get one in London, he prefers to go home to his family in Italy.

Conte’s contract with White Hart Lane expires next year, worrying chairman Daniel Levy


Tottenham’s feeble loss to United is sure to infuriate Conte and his staff, who are still coping with the untimely death of fitness coach Gian Piero Ventrone at the age of 61.

Losing to Red Devils boss Erik ten Hag hurt him a lot, as both are considered coaches with great charisma.

The Spurs squad are very focused and well prepared but may not have the technical capabilities to win the Premier League. This could lead Conte to question his personal satisfaction in North London and start planning for the future elsewhere.

When he gets angry, he can become uncontrollable, even towards his owners and players. On Wednesday it was midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur who felt his anger when the boss ‘pass the ball, motherfucker!’ called out. at him.

The Italian wants to return to Juventus and the achievements of Massimiliano Allegri . surpass

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Those actions may seem excessive to those outside of Italy, but Conte is a ‘dictatorial’ manager who feels he has the freedom to use any means necessary to criticize or encourage his players.

Living and working with Conte is not easy: he expects the maximum, he always wants to win and is not afraid to argue with everyone.

There is a strong sense in Italy that he wants to return to Juventus to rebuild the squad, take it out of the current battle and overtake incumbent boss Massimiliano Allegri with the most Serie A titles in Turin this millennium.


Juventus and Conte are united by an unbreakable bond that has not been tarnished even after he joined Inter Milan, bitter rivals of the Old Lady.

The Apulian coach knows that he is at a crossroads and his greatest need after his fifties is to take on even the most difficult challenges.

Conte enjoyed a very successful spell in Turin earlier in his career before joining Tottenham

Winning the scudetto at Inter within two years was an almost impossible feat – although it broke his relationship with most Juve fans.

His financial demands probably wouldn’t be an insurmountable problem either, with Juventus already paying Allegri around £7.8million.

Conte has also earned a lot in his career and the balance of this situation could facilitate an agreement.


Juventus vice-chairman Pavel Nedved is a great admirer of Conte’s work, with whom he played and enjoyed success in Turin.

Many within the club are looking to leave Allegri amid their current battle – they are 8th in the Serie A standings – and hire a new man, likely to replace Allegri in June 2023.

The storm surrounding the team is not over and it will take an extraordinary turnaround to convince the board to have faith in Allegri.

Juventus would be happy to welcome him back if his relationship with chairman Andrea Agnelli can be cured

Allegri captivates the confidence of chairman Andrea Agnelli, but the results are on display for all to see: By the Halloween period, Juventus are essentially 99 per cent out of the conversation for winning the Champions League and Serie A title.

In the face of this sporting disaster, Conte is seen as a cure for the illness plaguing the club this season.

In Turin, he could return to live with his family and possibly have an even more successful second stint at the club where he played most of his career as a player.

The only obstacle to his return is his history of difficult relationships with Agnelli and the fans. But quarrels with Agnelli, if he remains Juve president, could easily be cured with a great season with the club returning to the top of Serie A.


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