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Torchlight Infinite is coming soon and wants to fill the wait for Diablo 4 – WhatsNew2Day


In early May, Torchlight Infinite officially leaves Early Access.

Torchlight Infinite has been in Early Access for around half a year. But the controversial action role-playing game is now about to be released: On May 5, 2023, almost exactly a month before Diablo 4, it really starts.

These innovations are waiting in the release version

We probably don’t have to explain the gameplay of Torchlight Infinite to you in detail at this point – as in the previous parts of the series, two of which were great and the last one was a real letdown, you fight your way through dungeons and loot heaps of loot for your character.

However, Infinite is not quite as big a catastrophe as Torchlight 3, as our early access test shows – but it still has quite a few weaknesses.

The whole thing remains Free2Play and can also be played on smartphones and tablets. However, there are a handful of new features for the full release in early May that should convince you to give the game a chance:

  • new class: Escapist Bing is a child warrior who specializes in combat using explosives such as grenades. Curiously, the trailer for the new class only shows a single skill:

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  • New season: In the new season Cube of Rapacity, monsters in all maps of the game are infested by a mysterious cube. This will make them stronger, but also drop a new currency that can be exchanged for random rewards.
  • New Boss: In the endgame a new boss named Law Bearer is waiting for you, a strong knight. To summon him, you must also defeat monsters infested by the Cube and collect another, even rarer, currency.
  • Divinity Slates: The fourth talent tree Statue of the New God lets you install so-called Divinity Plates in a field. These are reminiscent of Tetris blocks and grant you bonuses.
  • New equipment: A total of 13 new legendary items come into play.
  • New skills: There are also 9 new skills for the already available Helen in the game.

in her last live streaming the developers have said that they has been listening closely to the community since the open beta and has been working on a number of new features and system overhauls have. With even more content and features planned, Torchlight: Infinite will continue to evolve, and the global launch marks another important milestone for this popular action RPG series.

how do you see it? Is Torchlight Infinite worth a look to tide you over the last few weeks until Diablo 4’s release? Or did the series die for you after Torchlight 2?

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