Top Wholesale Jackets Manufacturers/Supplier in USA

If I ask you what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “free-spirited clothing’’?

Most of you think about many types of clothing but one common piece of cloth that surely be mentioned is ‘’jacket’’.

Yes! A jacket that gives you a sense of comfort and style altogether. A short coat that is not influenced by gender and worn by age with ease. The excessive usage of these articles makes them the prince of the apparel market. The total estimated value of the jacket market is determined by almost $81 billion (2016). Well astonished? Not yet as there is more to come. This value is expected to raise up to $94.5 billion in 2021 in the retail industry. Impressed? Must be. Either you are a businessperson or holding an idea to run a business then we are talking. This blog will guide you all about jacket business including where to find wholesale jackets manufacturers and suppliers in the USA.

Are you acquainted with jackets?

Before moving further let me ask you, are you familiar with jackets? Other than their types and material do you know anything? If the answer to both questions is no then it’s time to think. You cannot run or get into a business unless you know the details of your products. No worries. We will help you to get more familiar with these items.

The word jacket is derived from the French word jaquette. It refers to a lightweight tunic in general. Jackets are as comfortable as an old shoe. They are for everyone and available in every style. Since 1936, when Eddie Bauer introduced the first down jacket out of necessity, they have been continuously emerging. Before the 2000s it was a simple lightweight short tunic worn by the working class.  

Then here comes a new millennium with so many changes in the fashion industry. Jackets left the simple naïve look behind and adapted the glamour of the new century. This was the time when many styles, such as sports and activewear jackets, Harringtons, anoraks, blazers, leather, and even bomber jackets were introduced. Initially wool, tweed, and cotton meet with current styles nylon, leather, suede, and hemp by greeting them wholeheartedly then merge with them as a family.

Today we have an extensive range of jackets. It is not wise to invest a lot in the beginning. In case you are interested in this business, you must think of one category you want to go for. Now you may think how to choose that one fitted type. Let me help you here as well. Below are the few points you need to consider before making any decision.

 Reflect on your product:

1.      Market value

The first thing that you must check before entering into any business is its market. Explore the market, analyze the products, determine the profit margin, and pinpoint your audience. Compare your competitors. Their high earnings mean you have a chance to get your share. In case they are struggling you need to tie your buckles for a race where sweat earns you only water. Either you go for leather jackets or look for bike jackets. Study the data carefully. Once you get all the information you can easily decide what to do.

2.      Availability of the product

The availability of the product is an important factor in business. Any hard-accessible product can multiply your efforts. It is better to check the availability of the product before finalizing your product. The best step to check the availability is to explore the digital market. Online availability certainly increases their popularity and demands certainly.

3.    Seasonal impact

Like any other item, jackets are also influenced by the weather. In summer you cannot sell a leather jacket and in winter no one would like to buy cotton jackets. Keep seasons in mind while choosing your selling products. You can choose the product accordingly.

4.      Trends

Keep a track of market trends. You need to read the reports and publications. Currently, many digital tools are available online to observe the bull and bear markets. You can use different platforms to get data such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are filled with all fashionable and trendy material. Choose your product and examine all the details to make your choice certain.

Your business budgets

Last but of course not the least point is to check your budget. Not every product fall into your budget. Some products like leather jackets demand a lavish investment. Assess your investment and risk probability. A wise man sees his own pocket, not his desires. 

Top Wholesale Jackets Manufacturers/Supplier in the USA

  • Oasis jackets (California)

One of the authentic jackets making companies Oasis Jackets earned first place in the list. With an exceptional range of products, they offer shipping and distribution around the globe. From women to men and kids to adults they have everything in their list. No matter what product you are looking for you can get it from them. They believe their collection includes something for everyone.

  • Danial Smart (Baltimore)

In case you are looking for a leather jacket supplier then this company is here for you. Danial Smart has been doing business in leather apparel since 1992. They privately own the company with many branches around the world. This ensures your direct connection with them. They guarantee quality with a one-stop ordering process. From their factory direct inventory, you can choose your product at reasonable prices.

  • Mak Group of Companies. Inc (New York)

Since 1984, the Mak Group of companies has enjoyed a significant place in the leather market. They have been manufacturing high-quality leather products to satisfy their customers for decades now. They offer customizable leather jackets to add your label touch. They offer sales and discounts to their customers quite often. They believe in making long-lasting relations with their customers. You can choose them as your supplier if you want to get customized products

  • Alanic (California)

With an extensive range of jackets, Alanic claims to be one of the top wholesale suppliers in the USA. They are facilitating retailers and distributors around the globe. They not only follow the market trends but are also known as the trendsetter. Choosing them as your supplier will give an edge over the market.  From fitness to leather and kids to adults all types of products are available. You can easily choose your product from the list.

  • ShoqzFashionz (Wausau)

They believe fashion is incomplete without a leather jacket. In case you are looking for leather jackets suppliers and manufacturers then this place is for you. They are expert leather jackets manufacturers. Their designs and styles distinguish their work from other suppliers. They deal in cotton, leather jackets, cowhide, silk, and denim. The variety of products helps you to choose your product following your business.

Final Call:

The jackets’ business is one of the top businesses in the apparel category. Still, you need to have all the details in your hand before starting any business. Without a proper strategy, you won’t be able to flourish. Find the most suitable wholesaler and supplier for you after selecting your product. In order to save your money and time, you can explore the digital wholesale platforms. So many wholesalers are available online. Get amazing deals and ensure your profit. Good luck with your business.