Top Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Man in Your Life

The man in your life will be smiling Christmas morning when his stocking is filled with these wonderful goodies. Here are the top stocking stuffers for men, at many different price points, to help you find the perfect gifts for your man.

1. Conditioning Beard Balm

He may never admit it, but he does not like the scratchiness of his beard anymore than you do. Kissing under the mistletoe will be much less scratchy after he applies his conditioning beard balm. The all-natural ingredients in this balm absorb quickly and will not leave him looking or feeling greasy.

2. Instant Cooling Towel

Whether your man works outdoors or plays outdoors, this cooling towel is the perfect gift to help him stay cool when the sun is beating down. All he has to do is wet the towel to activate it. It will then remain cooler than the ambient air, providing relief.

3. Cigars

Why not treat your man to a stocking-sized sampler of cigars? With so many choices available, samplers are great for helping him to discover new favorites. Be sure to pick up a cigar cutter to go with them for the perfect stocking stuffer combo.

4. Custom Golf Balls

Custom golf balls are a hit on the course, and they make it easier to keep track of whose is whose. You can customize them with names, messages, numbers or even logos. If your man does not play golf, then get him an accessory for whatever hobby he has.

5. AirPods

If your man is on Santa’s nice list this year, then we recommend AirPods. Not having a cord connecting his earbuds to his smartphone or another device will be a true luxury. They even offer personal engraving for an extra special touch.

6. Beef Jerky

Most men love a good snack in their stocking, and beef jerky often tops their list. This salty and savory treat is something that is easy to grab for on-the-go snacking. It also does not need to be refrigerated, so it is the perfect snack for your man.

7. Rinse-Free Hand Wash

This hand wash is a great alternative to the typical little bottle of glittery hand sanitizer. Essential oils leave the hands feeling smooth and smelling like fresh citrus.

8. Custom Socks

These custom socks are a great way to have a little fun with your man. You can get his face on them to boost that super-hero complex, or you could have your face on them so he sees you smiling back at him all day. Either way, they make for a great conversation starter.

9. Portable Wireless Charger

This wireless, portable charger will come in handy during a long workday away from the office. It is also perfect for vacations or day trips when your man will not have access to an outlet most of the day. It is pocket-sized for convenience and can charge two devices at once.

10. Personalized Flask

Your man can party in style with his own personalized flask. A monogram with his last name below it looks sleek and stylish, but there are other options too. It is the perfect size for a stocking, and the personalization adds a thoughtful touch.

11. NFL Collectible Coin

Celebrate your man’s favorite NFL team with a commemorative coin. While these are replicas of game toss coins, they are limited and numbered, making them the perfect collectible item.

12. Poo-Pourri Spray

This “Heavy Doody” Poo-Pourri spray will not only bring some laughs to Christmas morning, but it may just even eliminate some embarrassing situations. This popular “spray before you go” item uses essential oils to produce a refreshing scent in lieu of other less charming scents.

Your man will have a wonderful holiday this year when you treat him to some of these awesome stocking stuffers. With the right choices, you will all have some great laughs too.