Top Services To Add To Your Pest Control Company

If you are in the pest control business, you have plenty to keep you busy. From bees and bedbugs to fleas, ants, and mice, there seems to be a never-ending supply of pests that bother people in homes and businesses. But along with this aspect of your business, there are many other services that can be added on that may greatly increase your revenue. Should you decide you want to offer your customers a few more services, here are some that have proven to be very successful for other pest control companies.


Wildlife Control


Along with needing to rid their homes and businesses of ants and other pests, many people also need help with wildlife control. Whether it’s skunks and raccoons that have taken up residence under a building or maybe pigeons or other birds that need to find another location to roost, solving these problems for customers will bring in additional revenue.


Mold Remediation


Since you likely already spend much of your time in crawlspaces, under sinks, and in basements or other places that are damp and musty, you can also choose to offer mold remediation services as part of you pest control company. In fact, this could prove to be a very lucrative part of your business. Since many people have mold problems that they can’t seem to get rid of, offering this service could lead to increased revenues, and also pick up the slack during times when business may be slow.


Lawn Care


Once warm weather hits your area, consider adding lawn care services to your existing business. Always a service that is needed by many people, you can offer such things as lawn mowing and trimming, mulching, tree and bush trimming, and many other related services. Requiring a minimal investment for equipment and other supplies, you may find the spring and summer months will be busier than ever.


Gutter Cleaning


If there is one thing most people hate to do, it is trying to clean their gutters. Not only is it a messy job, but it can also be dangerous trying to stand on a ladder to rid guttering of leaves and other debris. If you don’t mind doing the dirty work on guttering, consider making gutter cleaning part of your pest control company’s services. A service that can be especially needed by elderly customers, it can prove to be a solid and steady source of revenue for your company.


Junk Removal


Having worked in many homes and businesses during your pest control career, you no doubt have noticed many places have basements, storage buildings, and other areas in buildings where plenty of junk is just setting around with no place to go. If you want to capitalize on all this junk, make plans to offer a junk removal service a key part of your pest control company. More than likely, while you are at a home or business helping to get rid of mice or ants, your customer will be thrilled to learn you can also get rid of all that junk in their basement.


While you may not wish to add all of these services to your pest control company, choosing to add two or three may lead to a large increase in your revenue. Whether you choose to provide lawn care, junk removal, wildlife control, or the many other services from which you can choose, chances are your decision will result in not only getting new customers for your company, but also additional business from many of your existing customers. Once you get started, you may have more business that you can handle.