Top Online Games with An Egyptian Theme

Online games take us to worlds and places we would love to visit. We spend hours playing online doing battle or exploring all types of games. One theme that has fascinated us is Egypt and games that have been influenced by it. There are many top online games with an Egyptian theme that we have played. Over the years it has been the perfect background for games, or all kinds and they have been highly popular.  Egypt is showed in mystery and has always inspired great books, movies, and games of all kinds. 

Egyptian Senet

So, what did the Egyptians do with all their free time? Well, they played Senet… It was a game that they invented, and it was very popular within the ancient civilization. It was even discovered in King Tuts tomb. So, fast forward 5,000 years a now we have it on our smartphones. it is a game that is like checkers, backgammon, or chess. The mobile version of the game went on to be very popular as an online game enjoyed by many.  


Slot games tend to be a big hit. When you throw in an Egyptian theme it can only turn to gold! This is certainly the case when it comes to playing Cleopatra Slots. Cleopatra slot was created by IGT in 2020 and even today it remains ever popular. It is known to pay out quite well and comes with features that make the gameplay exciting for its players Clad in gold and with beautifully detailed graphics the game is enjoyed by many on their mobiles and tablets. 

Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

Build your own ancient empire on this classic simulation game. Build your own city from the wilds of the wild desert and watch as it thrives. It does not end there… You must feed your population by building a fleet and navigate the Nile. Discover the necessary materials and transport them back to the city so that you can build temples and other places of worship. But be warned, your crops can fail. So, you need to make sure your farm with care! 

Strange Brigade

Battle against mummies, assassins, and even giant scorpions on this adventure game. This is a rip-roaring game that is played at a frantic pace. The game takes place in 1930s Egypt and follows a gang of 4 characters ad they do battle with a Witch Queen named Seteki! She has awoken form a 4,000-year slumber to cause destruction on the world. The graphics and sound effects are of the highest quality and the adventure never stops! 

Online games come with different themes and tell different stories which will give you a unique gaming journey. Egyptian theme games have always been a popular choice and if you want more Egyptian themed games – you can meet Cleopatra on Cleopatra Slot, Lucky VIP Casino has it all… Join the site and You can play the game at any moment on your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.