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Top Male Celebrities Who Are Making Pearls, The Fashion Statement

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Pearls are one of the rarest gemstones to exist. Pearls have also been considered as a valuable gemstone for millennia. Traces of pearls as jewelry have been found as far back as 420 BCE. Pearls were also presented to Chinese royals as early as 2300 BCE, and in Rome, pearls were the ultimate status symbol. Pearls were also a status symbol for the Maharajas of India, who got themselves painted and photographed with heaps of pearls, in order to showcase their wealth. 

Pearls were historically worn by both men and women. However, after World War 2, they were associated primarily with femininity and popularised by figures such as Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Pearls have been worn throughout the ages as necklaces and earrings. They signify wealth, power, innocence, purity and are thought to contain the moon’s powers as they resemble the moon.

Pearls have been making a comeback as of late, with men popularising pearls with the blurring of the lines around gender norms. With people wanting to make a bold fashion statement, pearls are starting to become a popular choice. Pearls can project an aura of power, because of the character they exude. Since they carry a lot of history with them, wearing pearls can be an amalgamation of both the traditional and the modern. 

Pearls made a comeback into the world of men’s fashion because of celebrities that embraced the feminine notions associated with them and translated them into a much more masculine version of pearls. 

Celebrities that have worn pearls are-:

  • Harry Styles

At the Met Gala in 2019, Harry Styles showed up wearing a single pearl earring.

  • Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith wore a pearl necklace for an outing in L.A, with an all-black outfit in order to make his pearl necklace pop along with several other necklaces. 

  • Jonas Brothers

In 2020, at the Grammy Awards, the Jonas Brothers, Nick and Joe wore small pearl necklaces with an patterned outfit. 

  • Asap Rocky

The rapper showed up wearing a freshwater pearl necklace, unlike many rappers that wear with chains. He wore pearl rings as well, completing the pearl duo with his outfit. 

  • Billy Porter

In 2020, Billy Porter wore pearls at a promotional event for his film, Like a Boss. He paired it with a button up shirt, instead of a tie. 

  • Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes wore a three-piece Louis Vuitton suit with a pearl waistcoat chain to the Grammy’s. His look was a delicate change up to the outfits present at the event that night, beating out the traditional pairings by most people. 

  • Fai Khadra

Fai Khadra is a model that is also a male influencer, and is known to be close to the Kardashians. He was spotted wearing a large pearl pendant on a chain with an oversized suit, adding a touch of luxury to his outfit and completing the formal, classy yet chic look. 

  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been spotted wearing a pearl chain while performing at some of his concerts. He prefers to wear a short chain that sticks to his neck that is a string of pearls. 

  • Brooklyn Peltz Beckham

The son of famous football player David Beckham, and singer Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham was spotted wearing a plain white t-shirt along with trousers. He paired this look with a long chain topped off with a short chain. His long chain was golden while the short chain was made of pearls, creating a gold and ivory contrast that matched his outfit really well. 

As can be seen here, pearls are becoming a popular fashion accessory with male celebrities. Even athletes, such as Joc Pederson of the San Francisco Giants, a baseball player, has been spotted wearing a huge necklace of pearls around his neck during games. Celebrities have also been spotted mixing it up, adding other metal necklaces, other gemstones, in order to make a statement and carry off their style with panache. There are also other colours of pearls, such as pink and black pearls. People are also mixing up their outfits, pairing pearls with leather, which is not a conventional choice but does bring out the contrast well. 

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