Top Gifts to Give Your Dad This Christmas

Maybe your dad says he doesn’t want anything and already has everything he needs. Still, every father deserves amazing gifts to open on Christmas day. You could always get a collection of ties and socks, but if you really want to wow him, then check out our list, Ho, Ho, Ho! Our shopping experts have some awesome dad-gifts for Christmas.

1. BBQ Grill

If he’s always in the backyard, then your dad needs the ultimate in grill time adventures so that he can fire up some steaks and chops, dogs and burgers and go to town with a bbq grill that suits his space and lifestyle.

You have so many enticing options for your grill master dad. From gas to charcoal, propane to wood pellets or direct grilling to smoking, there is a perfect set-up for the outdoor chef.

2. Wireless Charger

You probably know your old man better than most people, but if you’re still stuck on what to gift him for Christmas, has some cool ideas.

Maybe your dad is always looking all over the house for the chargers and cords to keep his tech devices properly juiced. It’s time to bring him into the modern world with an upgrade to a handsome leather-covered, two-station wireless charger.

3. Bonfire Fire Pit

Keep dad and mom cozy and warm with a portable fire pit to enjoy while camping or right at home relaxing on the backyard patio. The unit is designed in clean, stainless steel and burns efficiently and cleanly.

Best of all, this kind of contemporary fire pit is practically smokeless. The vent holes are located near the top of the burn chamber, and this allows preheated oxygen to fuel the flame. This delivers complete combustion and a hotter fire with a lot less smoke.

This type of wood-burning fire pit is easy to use, safe and throws off a ton of heat.

4. Ultimate Work Boots

If your dad enjoys wearing his old work boots everywhere from do-it-yourself projects around the home to kickin’ back in his jeans to head out, then get him a new pair this Christmas.

He needs work boots that can go the distance and last through bitter winters, stay dry through rainy days with slip-resistant toes, etc.

You can’t beat a pair of classic leather Chippewas made in the USA with incredible craftsmanship designed for the rugged outdoors.

5. Grooming Supplies

Every dad has his own grooming routine, right?

It doesn’t matter if your dad uses an old-fashioned safety razor for that clean shave or a beard that he enjoys trimming, he has a method for looking his best, and that’s why a men’s grooming subscription is another fab idea to put under the Christmas tree.

You can check out monthly subscriptions like BirchboxMan. The brand will send a wonderful collection of grooming supplies that are shipped straight to his front door.

Your dad will enjoy opening his monthly box stuffed with products like face cleanser, body scrubber and hand salve.

Ask any psychologist out there about the value of gift-giving, especially at Christmastime. Gifting is an essential part of our social fabric.

Gift-giving feels good, and the recipient truly enjoys the attention they are getting and the thought behind the gift.

Some gifts fill us with joy, help to cement a special bond, communicate feelings like love and appreciation and much more.

Don’t forget your dad this Christmas. It’s a beautiful time of year to remember the important role he plays in your life.