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Top 9 Bubble Tea Flavors You Must Try


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Are you one of those who know nothing about bubble tea and bubble tea kit, also known as boba tea kit? You are not the only one. People drink tea all across the world. It is a part of almost every single culture in the world. They use their own locally grown ingredients in their teas. This is the reason why there are different types of teas made in different parts of the world. Thanks to the internet, teas that were never heard of outside China are now available in the US. 

Anyways, let’s stick to the tea we are talking about. Unlike most other teas, you can enjoy boba tea in a variety of flavors. In this article, you will learn about the nine best flavors. You can enjoy this tea hot. It can be served iced. People use different add-ins for different flavors. You can make it with or without tapioca balls. When you can use an array of add-ins in your tea, there is at least one flavor that you will fall in love with. Lower the sweetness in case you want to avoid too much of it due to some health problems. 

When you are buying boba tea or bubble tea kit online, check the menu on the website. You will find options like 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% sweetness. 

Green Milk Tea 

Do you love green milk tea? You can get bubble tea in your favorite flavor. Keep in mind that not all bubble teas come with the same green milk tea flavors. Even green milk tea comes in different versions. You must try matcha milk tea, oolong milk tea, Jasmine milk tea and more. 

Black Milk Tea 

If you want to stick to the basics, make it classic. Drink English breakfast tea. Most likely, you are going to drink bubble tea for the first time. So, you need a great starter. It will be a great start with green milk tea. 

Mango Milk Tea 

If you have ever visited the Indian subcontinent during the mango season, you will know that mango is called the king of fruits in the subcontinent. 

Taro Milk Tea 

Do you love sweet treats like cookies and cream? Most likely, this is the first you have heard of taro, just like you knew nothing about bubble tea before reading this article. Taro is a unique vegetable. You must try taro milk tea immediately. 

Coffee Milk Tea 

You can buy coffee milk tea at Chinese bakeries. It is extra sweet and creamy. It is easy to make coffee milk tea at home. You can adjust its taste by making it in your own kitchen. However, keep in mind that the measurements have to be precise. Coffee milk tea is half black tea, half coffee, sweetener and milk (condensed milk, heavy cream or milk). 

Almond Milk Tea 

Almond milk is one of the popular alternatives to dairy milk. There is a large number of people that love almond tea. Try it. Almond milk tea tastes great.   

Strawberry Milk Tea 

Does not strawberry milk remind you of your childhood? What was your favorite brand? Some people even used to collect bottles? You can get strawberry milk tea online to drink bubble tea in this flavor. 

Honeydew Milk Tea 

If you are looking for the best refreshing drink then pick honeydew milk tea. This drink is best for people living in an area that receives a lot of heatwaves. Don’t you love honeydew melons? 

Thai Milk Tea 

This tea is similar to taro milk tea. Its unusual orange color is super delicious. You may have tried Thai milk tea in a Thai restaurant.   

If you are going to make bubble tea in your own kitchen, keep in mind that it will not be perfect. So, don’t feel discouraged. Buy bubble tea kit online.

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