Top 5 Winter Clothing Brands for Men in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the many developing countries producing clothing products for the international brands. Over the years a lot of local brands have sprung up as well. Each has its unique style, some brands are making western wear and other local. With a few brands that make both styles of attire. Winter is just coming on and all these brands are busy putting out their new seasonal lines. The fashion industry has expanded a lot, especially with e-commerce booming in Pakistan.

Among the many brands, there are some that are leading the market, listed below are the top 5 brands that have winter clothing for men stocked and ready for the season!


A relatively new brand, established in 2008 Charcoal has made its mark. With a mixed range of everything for men from suits to shalwarkameez. The new winter range launched a host of jackets, sweaters and warm casual wear pants. Charcoal generally has a more sober colour palette with clean design lines and is suited for formal or semi-casual wear. Their shirts combined with their sweaters and casual coats would make great office attire or even for any evening functions.

Oxford Sweaters

Two years after the creation of Pakistan, the Oxford clothing brand was launched. They have been making sweaters with a lot of variety in design and material. Oxford makes their knitted products from Lambswool, Merino-wool, Cashmere, Cotton and Acrylic. The yarn is imported as Pakistan generally produces coarse wool that is too tough for finer weaves. The Oxford sweater style is still somewhat influenced by the past, reminding one of the line and block-based patterns. Their sweaters come in a few different design forms, some are full sleeve and some sleeveless. The necks also vary between V neck and round neck, a few are zippered in the front. Over the years Oxford has also expanded their collection adding jackets, shirts, pants and other items.


Catering to a younger demographic, Outfitters is a trendy street style producing brand. They stock bomber jackets, fleece-based tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, sports jackets and more. The variety is very diverse, with colours geared for a younger audience. Their warm tops have other design factors like words or doodles emblazoned across the chest. With a smaller range in cardigans and blazers for a semi-professional metro look. Outfitters stock is changed each cycle, with a totally new range replacing the old.


A family-run business, from a time when Pakistan barely had any ready-to-wear brands. Cambridge Garment Industries have been around since 1958. They source materials from various countries to make their sleek quality garments, also sourcing from the famed Albini of Italy. With a massive range of sweaters for the winter, in a host of colours but a few designs. The designs are minimal and neat, with just some sweaters that have a hint of pattern or stripes. Making sweaters in Lambswool or Merino wool, which are both very soft and are a great feel to wear; while keeping you warm. Cambridge also has a range of jackets for the winter, windcheaters for an outerwear layer to keep the warmth contained. There are also bomber jackets as these are very trendy. They also stock a small range of blazers for wearing with shirts at work or semi-formal events.


Starting off in 1971 as a women’s and kids clothing brand initially, Uniworthrealised the lack of brands making quality clothes for men. In 1991 they launched a men’s suiting line and expanded on that base to include other winter-wear items. Today Uniworth is prepared with quality clothes to keep you warm. Developing multiple items that are for the cold including jackets, hoodies, blazers and sweaters. Generally, the options are limited, except with the sweater line which is fully stocked with many options for customers to pick from. The designs of Uniworth items are a mix, with some that are similar to clothes from a past time but yet reinvented to fit today’s age. Others are modern with the lines and cut that is current with today’s trends.


Between these 5 brands, one would be spoilt for choices and styles. A mix of purchases would replenish one’s winter wardrobe with stylish clothes and clothes that keep one warm. Staying warm is just as important as looking good while doing it. The Pakistani brands market is keeping up with trends and has good quality, making shopping locally a good option.

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