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Top 5 iPhone Repair Stores in Sydney


Are you worried about your broken screen? Fret not, we have got you covered with the best iPhone screen repair stores in Sydney.

Despite nailing the best design and display with the best camera crown; the delicate display and modern hardware ends up flawed for many iPhone users. Most often, you get your iPhone crashed on the brutal ground and that crunchy glass break hits your heart directly.

Some Most Common iPhone Damages 

Apart from a broken screen, iPhone users might come up with other possible issues that need to be repaired instantly. Amongst the most common iPhone damages are

  • A cracked screen is a problem that every iPhone user faces at a certain point. It could be an upshot of any inadvertent harsh drop or a slight fall from the minimal height. But the most grief-relieving thing to hear is that it can be repaired within no time.
  • The unresponsive home button is the most often encountered issue with iPhones as it is frequently used while operating your iPhone. Furthermore, the fingerprint sensor can be a bit problematic because of the broken home button.
  • You can end up with Faulty Battery after three to four years of use. A defective battery drains out faster than usual or it might take too long to get charged. It needs much stamina but no need to bear, it can be repaired by any trustworthy iPhone repair service in Sydney.
  •  A loose charging port bugs you sometimes while trying tangling cable in countless ways to get your iPhone charged. Because of the rough use of chargers or cables, almost all iPhone users face this issue.
  • Damaged speakers and microphones causing continuous distortions can become obvious after using iPhone for a few years.
  • Water damage can destroy iPhone’s circuit and eventually results in a dead mobile if not repaired.

Top 5 Reliable iPhone Repair Stores in Sydney

With a shedload of iPhone damage, there are countless iPhone repair stores in Sydney that you can approach effortlessly. But can you trust them with your iPhone parts? Are you sure about their instant services? Do they use quality parts?

Such insecurities hit your mind instantly as you can’t risk your dearest iPhone for anything. The market is full of such deceiving repair shops and spams which use shonky parts that worsen your mobile’s condition. Thus, Choose wisely.

 We got you in this and compiled the best 5 reliable Iphone repair stores in Sydney that you can trust blindly for their services, quality parts, cheaper rates, and customer satisfaction.  

  1. Mobile Campus- Best iPhone Repair Store   

Mobile Campus

One of the most trustworthy iPhone Repair Services that you can rely on blindly for your iPhone assessment and repair. Here arises the question “why”. As the Mobile Campus has been repairing iPhones for many years all over Sydney, it can be counted as an authentic repair service with experienced technicians and iPhone experts.

Whether it’s about screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, or water damage repair, the mobile campus is amongst the best iPhone screen repair services offering all the iPhone repairs.

What makes it the best Iphone repair Service?

  • Skilled iPhone Technicians
  • Quality Parts replacement
  • 30 minutes Turnaround Time
  • 90 days Warranty
  • Affordable services
  1. Alfalah Mobiles- Nationwide iPhone Repair Service

Alfalah Mobiles

Amongst the Nationwide iPhone repair services, Alfalah Mobiles is successful enough to be mentioned in this listicle. With several years of experience, it has satisfied limitless clients with its efficient services and authentic screen, battery, cameras, back glass, charging port, and water damage repairs.

With such diversified dealings, it has expanded to be an authentic repair service store.

Why Alfalah Mobiles?

  • Same Day Service
  • Cheaper rates
  • Advanced equipment and Certified professionals
  • Responsive Customer Care service
  • 90 Days warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.
  1. SmartFonerepairs – A Well Reputed Brand 


SmartFonerepairs providing an array of quality iPhone repairs has become one of the most reliable iPhone repair stores in Sydney. Regardless of the iPhone screen repair, or any other battery, backglass, camera, or charging port repair that you need, Smartfonerepairs satisfies every client with its efficient and instant service.

Why Choose SmartFonerepairs?

  • Experienced Techies and Verified iPhone Staff
  • 3 months warranty to ensure the client’s peace of mind
  • Reasonable prices with quality service
  • Mail-In and posting services with 72 hours of instant repair
  • Covid 19 Safe Plan ensuring Vaccinated Staff
  1. Fix 2U Repair Service

Fix 2U repairs your broken screen or other parts by coming to you on the spot. You just need to make a booking, fix the timings and place and it will do the rest with its fast and reliable service.

  1. Fone Fix Repairs

Fone Fix comes to your location if you live nearby CBD, Sydney. It deals in iPhone repairs, Microsoft repairs, Samsung repairs, iPad repairs, and many more. You can get in touch with them online or simply post your faulty device to Fone Fix Repairs.


If you don’t want your iPhone parting for weeks, you must opt for a trustworthy iPhone Repair Store in Sydney amongst a bunch of shady repair shops. Choose one of these and you won’t regret repairing your iPhone.


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