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Top 5 Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Ideas 2022

The cannabis market has achieved an incredible “high” within the past few years; and is expected to grow more in the coming years. With the high demand for cannabis products came an increased number of cannabis brands. Now, you can check out an ever-increasing number of cannabis products serving companies on the internet. 

Making your mark in this oversaturated market requires the brands to leave no stone unturned. The easiest and most effective way to promote your pre-roll joints or other cannabis products business is by using appealing and attractive pre roll boxes.

Here we have enlisted top 5 custom pre-roll packaging ideas. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Unique and Distinguishing Design of the Packaging Box

The pre-roll packaging box is a widely popular pre-roll packaging option among pre-roll users. The packaging companies have formulated superbly stylish and highly beneficial pre-roll boxes per customers’ requirements.

These pre-roll packaging boxes look great and keep the pre-rolls moist and fresh for a long period. You can use distinctively shaped boxes for your product. Following are some exclusive and peculiar box designs for pre-roll packaging.

Sliders With Slots

Slider boxes are a fun and convenient pre-roll packaging option. The opening mechanism of these boxes is unique, cool, and easy. You can make these sliding boxes interesting by placing slots for individual joints.

The joints will remain separated and unharmed through these slots. Typically these boxes are made with strong and sturdy cardboard material, which is durable and safe to hold the pre-roll joints.

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are an exceptional packaging option for all the brands marketing best in the business, luxurious and classy pre-roll joints. These boxes are generally used for packing watches, jewelry, and similar high-end accessories as they resonate with elegance, grace, and finesse.

The material used to make these boxes is hard and rigid, perfect for printing all types of prints and patterns. Thus, on these boxes, you can print any pattern in any color that best describes your brand. Furthermore, magnetic pre-roll packaging boxes also safeguard the joints during shipment.

Flip Top Boxes

Flip-top boxes and containers are another popular pre-roll joint packing option and are easily available at dispensaries. The lid of these containers opens up with slight force.

These containers are waterproof, childproof, and airtight. Furthermore, you can easily stack up multiple pre-roll joints on top of each other in the flip-top boxes. If you wish to contain the joint’s peculiar cannabis smell, flip-top boxes are a great option to carry around in public places. Moreover, the joints remain fresh and moist because of their airtight quality.

Bookened Boxes

Bookened boxes have a book-like appearance and have long been used to carry cigarettes and cigars. These boxes have become one of the finest options for keeping pre-roll joints.

These boxes look utterly sophisticated, classy, and stylish; offering pre-roll joints in these containers will boost your brand’s value. You can customize bookend boxes whichever way you like.

For instance, you can add a see-through window on the top, emboss your brand’s details or use other finishing details, and the box will look amazing.

Safe and Sturdy Packaging Materials


Always use safe and sturdy packaging material for creating custom pre-roll packaging. Using low-grade packaging material can tarnish your brand’s reputation in the market. It is not just the quality of your product that matters, but how it reaches the customer’s doorstep also matters a lot.

Once a customer receives a damaged or low-quality product, it becomes difficult to build that trust again. Therefore, it is crucial to give utmost importance to the type of packaging material. The packaging box must be strong enough to tolerate turbulence or accidents during shipment.

Moreover, many customers prefer eco-friendly packaging such as cardboard and kraft material. These materials are biodegradable and can decompose naturally.

Custom Prints

Your main goal is to make your brand stand out tall among the competitors in the market. Packaging companies have numerous print options to choose from. You can pick one among the available collections or customize attractive prints and patterns to signify your brand’s story and values.

However, if you wish to participate in designing, consider the professional input to create the best output possible. Furthermore, you must also add the company’s logo on the custom pre-roll packaging. Adding the logo will boost your brand’s standing in the market.

The attractive pre-roll packaging marks customers’ minds and will urge them to shop from your brand. Pre-roll packaging is also an excellent communication tool highlighting your brand’s or product’s main features.

Fun and Attractive Labels

In addition to customized company logos, appealing logos can also improve the aesthetics of custom packaging. For instance, you can apply sleeve labels highlighting the authenticity of your brand. You can use dark-colored labels against the pastel background to enhance the readability and visual appeal of the product.

High-Quality Finishing Touches

Adding a glamorous touch to your final product will further enhance the overall attractiveness of the packaging. Depending upon your brand’s preference and market demand, you can add shining finishing touches to the packaging.

Furthermore, the finishing gloss and glitter will solidify that the product is authentic, and the customer will not get confused. You can use different types of coating, including soft-touch lamination, UV coating, metallic coating, aq coating, and varnish.

Wrapping Up


With the escalating number of cannabis brands in the market, one needs to up their marketing game to get their brand name recognized. Custom pre-roll packaging is one of the finest and most effective methods of advertising your product in the market. Moreover, premium quality and well-designed pre-roll packaging can also help boost your sales. We hope that you will use the custom pre-roll packaging ideas mentioned above to create modish, unique, and attractive pre-roll packaging.