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Top 4 Tips To Keep Your Upholstered Furniture In An Excellent Condition

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Protecting your upholstered furniture such as a sofa, couch or lounge can be a difficult task especially if you have children or furry friends. While regularly vacuuming and dusting the cushions can be quite helpful, occasionally putting in a little extra work is required to keep your delicate upholstery furnishing in the best possible condition.

Each day brings with it its share of pet dander, dust and sofa stains. While most people retain their upholstery clean on their own, hiring professional upholstery cleaning Sydney service will not only guarantee that it looks its best, but also make your furniture gleam.

Here, we’ve provided some advice on how to keep your furniture in top condition.


  1. Avoid Exposure To Direct Sunlight At All Costs – All types of upholstery need adequate upkeep if you wish to keep your soft furnishing in optimal condition for a long time. To prevent fading and damage, one key piece of advice that applies to all kinds of upholstery is to protect the furniture from direct sunlight. If your upholstered furnishings is made of suede, leather, or delicate materials, continuous exposure to direct sunlight will deteriorate them. Additionally, the UV rays shorten the lifespan and damage your furnishings.

Keeping your lovely sofa or couch away from direct sun exposure and investing in regular sofa cleaning Sydney service is one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your beloved furniture. Even if your upholstered furniture has become dull or dreary, a thorough cleaning done by certified sofa cleaning professionals can quickly fix and restore your sofa/couch to its original glory.


  1. Regularly vacuum your upholstery – It is not possible to occasionally spend money on expert upholstery cleaning. However, the outcome gets worse the longer someone neglects to vacuum their upholstered furniture. Every item in your home accumulates dust. Your weight pushing against the upholstered chairs and couches causes the dirt and dust to sink into the fibres of the upholstery. Therefore, in addition to having your furniture’s upholstery professionally cleaned by licenced sofa or couch cleaning Sydney professionals, you should make it a point to regularly vacuum your soft furnishing to keep them in good condition in the long run.


  1. Employ stain-removal products –Inquire your upholstery cleaning specialists or the furniture dealer about the fabric and construction of your furniture and the stain guards that are best suitable for your upholstery. Take into consideration that professional stain protectors help to make your soft furniture easy to clean by providing an additional barrier between the materials and upholstery that can absorb stains. These stain guards will also aid in reducing the rate at which UV ray damage occurs.


  1. Hire Professionals – Getting your upholstered furniture thoroughly cleaned by lounge cleaning Sydney professionals once or twice a year is usually a good decision. Without charging much, experts give you the best upholstery cleaning. Additionally, by investing professional upholstery cleaning service, you can also keep various airborne particles such as dirt. dust, pollen, mould, dust mites, pet dander and other allergens away from your upholstery. An allergen-free sofa or couch enhances the overall indoor air quality of your home, making breathing easier for you and your loved ones.

To sum up

 It need not be difficult or labour-intensive to take excellent care of your upholstery. Make sure you heed the aforementioned advice if you wish to extend the lifespan of your upholstery and keep them in optimal condition at all times. At Regency Upholstery Cleaning Sydney, our skilled upholstery cleaning professionals spare no effort when it comes to thoroughly clean your sofa or any other soft furnishing. We employ state-of-the-art technologies, safe yet highly effective cleaning solutions and industry best practices to make your upholstered furniture deeply cleaned without suffering any harm.  Call us today to know more about our upholstery cleaning service in Sydney.




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