Top 3 Things That Irritate Girls on a Dating Site

What one person finds attractive may differ radically from the preferences of another, but there are still some things that most people will reject. Users of dating apps shared what annoys them most in the profiles of guys.

Irritant #1: Pictures

In terms of photos, Ukrainian brides from have mentioned the following issues:

  • Lack of originality. These are group shots; blurry ones; pictures enlarged to incredible sizes; as well as pictures of the dog. Also, girls are not particularly delighted with action-style photos where it is generally impossible to make out who and how was photographed.
  • Only one picture in the profile. This always leads to suspicion. If you have only one picture — maybe it doesn’t even belong to you.
  • Pictures with other people’s pets. Girls are very annoyed with men who publish pictures with other people’s pets. If you take a picture with a dog or cat, and girls can’t see the animal on a date with you — then you are a liar. Well, this is a very radical opinion — it is not always possible to bring an animal to date. But guys should consider this fact.
  • Selfie in the mirror. Pictures of your reflection in the mirror perfectly show your abs and muscles. But no matter how great they are, such pictures still don’t play into the hands of their owners. Some ladies believe that a selfie in the mirror is an obvious sign of narcissism.


Irritant # 2: Silly Words and Phrases

Some guys, in a desperate attempt to stand out from the ruck, use words that they think are original. But the problem is that most of these expressions only confuse.

  • “I am not very good at filling out profiles”/“I am new here …”. “Usually, those who are ashamed of using such a site say so. But why then start? Either overcome your shame and don’t put it on me or meet a girl in the library,” says one of the beautiful users of the dating site.
  • “I’m here to chat.” “You can immediately see what such a person wants,” another girl shares her opinion. “You can just write that you are not looking for anything serious. Communication is a flexible concept, so you shouldn’t hide behind such common phrases.”
  • “I don’t know why I’m here”/“I’m looking for a faithful girl but there are only superficial girls here.” The fact that you have come across a couple of unsuitable women is not a reason to judge everyone. Any adequate girl won’t like such words in the profile, sounding at least embittered and accusatory.

Girl with laptop

Irritant # 3: Tactless Communication

“Sometimes when you talk to some guys, it can feel like you’re on a TV show. Where everyone can say anything and everything,” complains another girl. “Some guys, when they find out your age, immediately ask tactless questions about why you haven’t been married yet. Others ask directly how many lovers you have had in the past. And, finally, about the size of the paycheck.”