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Top 10 upcoming series in May 2023


The month of May brings a diverse mix of new series in addition to the return of many series in other seasons, which viewers can look forward to this month. Starting from series Silo In a destroyed world, and through a series Black Knight Korean, and up to a series FUBAR Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In this article, we have collected for you the top 10 upcoming series in May 2023.

The first season of A Small Light

  • Release date: May 1
  • Genre: Biography – Drama – Historical
  • Streaming service: Disney+

The month begins with a series A Small Light which follows the story of Maeb, a Dutch girl who risks her life to shelter Anne Frank’s family and hide them from the Nazis for over two years during World War II.

Limited series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

  • Release date: May 4th
  • Genre: Drama – Historical
  • Streaming service: Netflix

The second series is Queen Charlottewhich is a limited series derivative of Bridgerton He recounts previous events. The series tells the story of Queen Charlotte’s rise to power and prominence, and how the young queen’s marriage to King George ignites a remarkable love story and changes society, establishing the world of high society that the characters inherit in Bridgerton.

The first season of Silo

  • Release date: May 5th
  • Genre: Drama
  • Streaming service: Apple TV+

Series events Silo In a ruined and toxic future in which an entire society lives in a giant underground silo hundreds of floors deep, men and women live in a society governed by rules they believe are meant to protect them.

Season 5 of yellowstone

  • Release date: May 9th
  • Genre: Drama – Western
  • Streaming service: Paramount+

Serial comes yellowstone Starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton, who controls a vast plantation in America that is constantly under attack from those on its frontier, whether land developers, an Indian reservation, or America’s first national park..

The first season of Class of ’09

  • Release date: May 10th
  • Genre: Crime – Drama – Thriller
  • Streaming service: Hulu

He follows Class of ’09 A group of FBI agents who graduated from Quantico in 2009 are now reunited after the death of a mutual friend. Spanning across three decades and told across three interwoven timelines, the series examines the nature of justice and humanity and the choices we make that ultimately define our lives and legacy..

Season 3 of The Great

  • Release date: May 12th
  • Genre: Comedy – Drama – Biography
  • Streaming service: Hulu

that The Great It is a satirical comedy-drama series about the rise of Queen Catherine from an outsider to the longest-reigning ruler in Russian history. The series is presented in a fictional and fun way in which historical facts are sometimes combined, and it highlights Catherine, the romantic young girl who seeks idealism and arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage to Emperor Peter.

The series stars Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, and Phoebe Fox.

Season 1 of City on Fire

  • Release date: May 12th
  • Genre: Drama – Mystery
  • Streaming service: Apple TV+

narrate series City on Fire The story of a New York University student named Samantha, who was exposed to a shooting in Central Park in 2003 without any witnesses or evidence, and investigations reveal that she has an important connection with a series of mysterious fires around the city, the city’s music scene, and a wealthy family that collapses under the pressure of its many secrets..

Season 1 of Black Knight

  • Release date: May 12th
  • Genre: Action – Adventure – Science Fiction
  • Streaming service: Netflix

The series is set in 2071 in a devastated world where only 1% of the human race has survived, where people rely on respirator masks, and a strict class society has been established in the desolate lands of Korea. Delivery drivers play an important role in the system, and it is the job that holds the refugees’ only hope of survival. The series follows a legendary “5-8” delivery driver with exceptional fighting skills, and a refugee who dreams of following in his footsteps.

Season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead

  • Release date: May 14th
  • Genre: Drama – Horror – Science Fiction
  • Streaming service: AMC

Series events Fear the Walking Dead in the universe The Walking Deadwhich explores the onset of the apocalypse and zombie outbreak through the eyes of a broken family.

The eighth and final season of the series will be shown online AMC On May 14th.

Season 1 of FUBAR

  • Release date: May 25th
  • Genre: Action – Adventure – Thriller
  • Streaming service: Netflix

CIA agent Luke Bruner, about to retire, discovers a family secret, forcing him to return to the field for one last operation. The series deals with family relationships against a background of spies, action and a sense of humor.

The series stars Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These were the most prominent series coming this month, are you looking forward to any of them? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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