Tony Lally: Single mum LOSES IT over road rage cyclist walking away scot-free

A cyclist who attacked her during a road rage attack on her has been cleared by a judge.

After pleading guilty earlier this year to assaulting Monique (45), in her car on Sydney’s northern beaches, Anthony Lally, 68 was a former Olympian and now a corporate executive.

Viral video showed Mr Lally calling the single mother ‘fat’, ‘blind, and going on an expletive-laden tirade. He reached towards her through her car door as she begged him to stop.

After Lally submitted a report indicating that he has PTSD, Robyn Denes, the Magistrate, dismissed his charges of common assault on Friday and entering a vehicle with no consent.

The court heard that Mr Lally had been struck by a car during an earlier incident.

Monique was left frustrated and baffled by the magistrate’s decision. He argued that mental health was no excuse for abusive behavior. 

Monique, a victim of road rage, said that Lally’s dismissal was an ‘absolute joke.

Irish Cyclist Tony Lally, 68, Is Pictured Outside Manly Court On Friday After His Charges Were Dismissed

Tony Lally, a 68-year-old Irish cyclist, was photographed outside Manly Court after his charges were dropped 

Daily Mail Australia: She said that she thought it was a joke. 

“I have been in car accidents, and I don’t open other people’s cars and abuse them. 

“What about my mental health? What about me not being allowed to ride in a lift with men. Struggling to see cyclists?

“This was given to them [the court] On a plate – there were footage and he plead guilty but instead he ran off. 

Monique stated that she was disappointed by the legal system. Monique said that she felt like she was being ‘justly hit again’ after hearing the news. 

She She said that her decision to press charges had caused her and her son to feel helpless.

After She said that after this experience, she wouldn’t bother to take matters to court again. 

She stated that this was the only chance for the court to send a message that cyclists who are untraceable and incognito would be sent that they will be punished if they abuse others.

“But this is what the court is sending?” 

“No matter how many women are abused in this country.  

Lally, dressed in a blue suit and wearing an eye mask, refused to answer questions as he left court on Friday with his lawyer. 

The High-Flying Executive Previously Pleaded Guilty To Common Assault After He Was Filmed Hitting A Single Mother Who He Accused Of Cutting Him Off In Traffic

After being filmed hitting a single mother, he pleaded guilty previously to common assault. 

Magistrate Robyn denes revealed that she was a bicyclist during the hearing and asked Lally’s lawyer and the police prosecutor if they had any concerns with her hearing the case. No objection was raised. 

“As soon as I heard the incident, I asked him if he had been hit by a car before. She said that she saw what had happened. 

Ms Denes said that she had read the facts and a report from a doctor that Lally had suffered post-traumatic Stress Disorder after being hit by another car while riding his bicycle. 

She said, “This case is very specific because the offending behavior relates specifically to what occurred to you as a bicycle rider.” 

“No doubt that you didn’t foresee that happening again.”

Ms. Denes dismissed the charges and said that Lally’s case would be handled outside of the criminal judicial process under the Mental Health Act. 

Footage (Pictured) Showed The Furious Cyclist Reaching Through Monique'S Car Door In The Road Rage Incident In Sydney'S Northern Beaches In July

Footage (pictured) shows Monique, a furious cyclist, reaching through Monique’s car door during the July road rage incident at Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

Daily Mail Australia obtained court papers from Magistrate Denes. She stated that she found the defendant to have a mental impairment or a cognitive impairment, or both, but was not mentally ill. 

Lally was dismissed and ordered to follow all instructions from his treating doctor, as well as any mental health plans that they may provide.  

Daily Mail Australia has obtained court documents which reveal that Lally initially told police that she ‘hit herself,’ but later admitted to the assault. 

After Daily Mail Australia revealed the identity of Lally, who uses the nickname Tony, police turned up at Mr Lally’s Cremorne home 20 days after the attack and slapped him with a string of charges.

Lally told officers wearing body worn video that Monique had cut his bicycle off. He yelled a warning. 

According to court documents, he collided with her car.

Lally said that he followed her into a nearby carpark where he admitted to having a verbal argument with her, but he didn’t put a finger upon her.

“I didn’t touch her at any time.” According to the police factsheet Lally claimed that she had not touched her.

Lally claimed the victim had ‘hit herself’ as she pulled her arms away from him and pressed her chest towards his chest. He told her that he didn’t want her filming and was only trying to get the camera to talk to her. 

Lally said that the businessman had a camera attached to his bike for recording purposes. However, Lally informed police that the footage from the incident had been already recorded.  

Lally pleaded guilty to both charges, despite his initial claim that he was self-defence.

High-Flying Executive And Former Olympian Tony Lally Is Pictured With Australian Cycling Legend Cadel Evans

Tony Lally, a high-flying executive who was also a former Olympian, is pictured here with Cadel Evans, an Australian cycling legend. 

The prosecution has withdrawn a third charge of stalking or intimidating with the intent of causing fear of mental or physical harm a few months back. 

Lally was absent at the October hearing and at two other court dates in September. 

Police documents show that Monique was traveling north on Pittwater Rd at around 11 a.m. when Lally passed her left side on his bicycle.

Monique indicated that she was turning left into the driveway. But as she pulled in, Mr Lally started shouting at her, before his front tire brushed her rear quarter. 

After Lally rode towards the victim aggressively as she pulled into her driveway. Monique opened her driver’s doors and he leaned in to scream at her. Monique began recording the interaction out fear.  

 ‘Are you f***ing blind, are ya!’ Lally screamed and tried to grab Monique’s phone.

Lally Is Pictured Standing Next To A Painting Of Himself In Dublin In 2019

Lally is pictured next to a 2019 painting of himself in Dublin.

He then called out ‘You fat c***!’ Before striking Monique on the chest while trying to get her phone. 

“Don’t hit my head, don’t strike me, don’t hit it,” I said. You can’t hit me!’ Monique responded by saying, “You can’t hit me!” Monique replied, “I am calling police.”

Monique went to Dee Why Police Station immediately after the incident and reported the assault. 

Lally boasts a $3.6million north shore home and was appointed as the independent chair of investment management company Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited in 2018.

He He was the CEO of Sunsuper, an industrial fund. QSuper was recently merged to create Australian Retirement Trust.

Lally represented Ireland at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. He competed in the individual cycling race event. His sporting achievement was celebrated by a painting of Lally riding a bicycle in Dublin. 

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