Tony Bellew claims Battle of Britain negotiations have turned into a farce due Tyson Fury

Tony Bellew says Tyson Fury has turned negotiations over a potential fight with Anthony Joshua into the ‘Fury show’.

Fury claimed his proposed Battle of Britain with Joshua fell through on Monday after AJ failed to sign the contract before 5pm. However, the Gypsy King made a U-turn on Thursday morning and said the fight was still on the agenda.

Bellew said he is not surprised by Fury’s actions given the “amount of attention” the proposed fight has received. However, he praised Joshua and his camp for “keeping it professional.”

Tony Bellew (above) says AJ and Tyson Fury’s negotiations turned into the Fury show

Speak exclusively to Sportsmail via Best betsBellew said, ‘I’m not surprised at the situation; Fury is a showman and he turns this into the Fury Show.

“Looking at the publicity surrounding the fight, that’s not even an official fight, it’s madness. It’s on, it’s off… all I can see is AJ keeping it professional.

His camp has already indicated that the contract could not be signed on Monday or today. Fury knows this, so it’s all in the name of publicity.

“In the end, Tyson Fury tried to face everyone and everyone. Anthony Joshua has done the exact same thing, but with slightly less success.

Joshua suffered his second consecutive defeat to Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia last month

However, Fury (C) offered his British rival a lifeline by offering him a fight in December this year

“The problem with AJ is, as Fury knows, if you push Joshua into a corner, he will stand up to anyone.

“Fury knows Joshua is a game, and he also knows he wants to continue the fight, but obviously as we’ve heard the paperwork around fights like this is significant and important, and until everything is smoothed out and an announcement cannot be made.

“So in the meantime, Fury has somehow decided to take matters into their own hands and start the build themselves.”

Bellew says ongoing negotiations will not affect AJ’s preparation for the potential fight. He also said Joshua would be “ready” to face Fury at any point in the future.

Fury said AJ had until Monday to sign the contract and said the fight wouldn’t go through if he didn’t

Bellew called AJ a ‘machine & a phenomenal athlete’ and praised the British heavyweight for always being ‘in shape’.

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He told Sportsmail: “Joshua is a machine and a phenomenal athlete. He is always in shape and therefore has no warm-up fights. He is always training and he always wants the next best and biggest challenge.

And when the next biggest and possible challenge is Tyson Fury, he won’t shy away from it.

“However, it will be interesting to see how these negotiations go and where they go. It’s all been on Tyson Fury before, as we remember.

“Everything took place in Saudi Arabia, for example, before AJ’s first Usyk fight. We were all ready to go, and then Fury’s team pulled the plug at the last minute due to legal proceedings they knew already existed. So even though Fury says it’s all on AJ…is it really?!?’.

Fury said he was frustrated with Joshua’s team’s lack of movement and pulled the pug into the fight, despite Frank Warren claiming talks were progressing at a good pace

The negotiations between Joshua and AJ have turned into a circus. Fury said on social media that the proposed Battle of Britain with Joshua would not take place on Monday afternoon.

Fury said he was frustrated with Joshua’s team’s lack of movement and pulled the pug into the fight, despite Frank Warren claiming the talks progressed at a good pace.

However, the Gypsy King has now revealed that his promoter has successfully convinced him to extend the deadline for a few more days.

The pair was set to hold crunch talks on Thursday afternoon and an announcement is expected to be made Friday.

Fury took to Twitter to say, ‘Anthony Joshua, where do we start. The deadline was Monday. Frank Warren asked me and convinced me to let it go on for a few more days.

Joshua (above) and AJ were due to have their final fight discussion on Thursday

‘Today is Thursday. And even though I knew you wouldn’t sign this contract, I allowed Frank to continue holding meetings with your team and your broadcasters and stuff, and now we have BT, DAZN and ESPN all on the same page. They are happy with everything. they’re all happy, ready to rock ‘n roll.

‘You have asked many things. You wanted to be a co-promoter if you are a volunteer challenger. Guess what, I said give it to them. Let them be co-promoter.

‘You wanted complete transparency, even if you are not an equal shareholder in this party. Do you know what I said? Give him full transparency.

‘I have nothing to hide. I’m not trying to rob anyone. I’ve never robbed anyone of a cent in my life. So now you have full transparency, everything is clean and fair.’


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