<pre><pre>Tommy Robinson in court: EDL founder faces jail for contempt, hundreds of people gather at Old Bailey | United Kingdom | News

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was imprisoned for the first time in August in the case, but his sentence was annulled due to procedural failures.

He could be imprisoned if he is found in contempt for filming people in a criminal trial in Leeds and for transmitting the images on social networks.

The far-right activist faced a defendant in a Huddersfield grooming trial in a live video he saw hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook.

Restrictions were established that delayed notification of the case and identified the accused to ensure a fair trial.

But Robinson is accused of violating restrictions when filming and broadcasting a Facebook Live video outside of the trial at the Crown Court in Leeds on May 25.

Before the hearing, Robinson told the German media PI-News: "They told me that if I plead guilty and apologize, I can go home.

"I have nothing to apologize for, I am not guilty.

"They will find me guilty, because I do not have a jury, it's before a judge.

"How in Britain you can face two years in prison, just for a judge.

"I know 100 percent I'm going to jail."

According to article 41 of the Criminal Justice Act of 1925, it is a crime to photograph people inside judicial premises.

The protests have already started outside the Old Bailey before Judge Nicholas Hilliard's hearing begins at 10 am.

A police operation has been implemented because they fear a disorder outside the court.

The predominantly male crowd has been singing "Oh Tommy Robinson" and waving flags of England and the Union.