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Tom Brady will have to admit to ‘tuck rule’ play being a fumble, jokes Raiders coach Josh McDaniels


Tom Brady will have to admit ‘fallback rule’ play is a fumble before he buys minority stock in team, jokes Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels

Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels has insisted Tom Brady will no doubt have to admit his ‘tuck rule’ game was a fumble, ahead of the Super’s seven-time minority purchase of the Raiders Bowl.

Asked by reporters if Brady will have to clarify his stance on the infamous 2001 playoff game, McDaniels quipped, “One hundred percent. No question.’

The game took place during Brady’s second season on the New England Patriots on January 19, 2002. With the Patriots down 13-10 in the final moments of the game, Brady was sacked by his former teammate of the Michigan, Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson.

The ball was lost and Oakland recovered, seemingly ending the Patriots’ chances of victory. However, much to the dismay of Raiders fans, the fumble was overruled on replay due to the ‘fallback rule’. Referee Walt Coleman ruled that Brady’s arm moved forward when the ball was lost, thus turning a costly fumble and turnover into an incomplete pass.

Given new life, Brady guided the Patriots offense deeper into Raiders territory, where Adam Vinatieri threw the tying basket. The Patriots would win in overtime and claim their first of six Lombardi Trophies with Brady under center.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels joked that Tom Brady will have to admit his ‘fallback rule’ was a fumble

Brady has a deal in place to buy a minority stake in the Raiders (seen with Mark Davis)

Brady has a deal in place to buy a minority stake in the Raiders (seen with Mark Davis)

Brady will face the Raiders six times in the regular season, posting a 5-1 record against the Oakland-Las Vegas franchise.

After the ‘tuck rule’ game, the Raiders would decline, winning no playoff game since reaching the Super Bowl at the end of the 2003 season.

McDaniels also provided his own thoughts on Brady, whom he knows well from his time as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and the retired three-time MVP’s deal to become a minority owner of the Raiders.

“I think everyone knows how I feel about Tom the person,” the future sophomore Raiders coach said.

McDaniels knows Brady well from his time as offensive coordinator and QB coach on the Patriots

McDaniels knows Brady well from his time as offensive coordinator and QB coach on the Patriots

“So if that comes to fruition, obviously I’ll be incredibly excited that he’s just somebody who’s part of Raider Nation and has a vested interest in us doing as good as we can in trying to bring a championship football team here in Vegas.’

“So I don’t know exactly where all of this is. I think that’s a question that’s well above my pay grade in terms of that sort of thing.

“But obviously I had a great history with the player and an even better one with the person, so obviously it will be a huge honor to partner with him again.

The size and cost of Brady’s participation were not disclosed. Team spokespersons did not respond to DailyMail.com’s request for confirmation.

The sale has been agreed and submitted to the NFL for approval, which could take some time. There are no plans to address the sale at the upcoming spring meeting, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported.

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