Tom Brady thanks Ken Dorsey for getting him off the hook with ‘impressive’ meltdown

Tom Brady thanks Bill’s offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey for getting off the hook with an “impressive” meltdown against the dolphins while joking that it’s a “copyright violation” on his own tablet.

Tom Brady praised Ken Dorsey’s breakdown against Miami as “impressive,” while jokingly thanked Bills’ offensive coordinator for “getting him off the hook” after his own tantrum the previous week.

After Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Dorsey raised eyebrows after throwing a tantrum in the coach box.

Last week, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady was in the spotlight for an angry diatribe, in which he threw two tablets to the sidelines. This week he took some time for his ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast to thank Dorsey for diverting attention.

NFL star Tom Brady praised Ken Dorsey’s (pictured) Miami meltdown as ‘impressive’

Dorsey threw off his headset and started hitting every playsheet and notebook within reach before the camera was covered

After one of the many failed Bucs drives against the Saints, Brady pinned his tablet

“I thought that was pretty impressive,” Brady said. “I’ve been angry, but there was a lot of anger in it. It looked like a minor trademark infringement based on my last week.

“So maybe I should send a stoppage, but I love the passion Ken keep it up… And I’m not the only adult in the league known for tantrums, so thank you Ken for getting me off the hook.”

Shortly after thanking Dorsey for his tantrum, Brady commented on how it feels during such a moment of anger.

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“Oh, I know exactly what he felt at that moment, absolutely. There is so much emotion. You feel like you’re in a battle out there, and it’s a physical battle. And it’s just that you have to get the emotion out of it,” Brady said.

The Bucs star jokingly thanked Bill’s offensive coordinator for getting him off the hook

“And I know you have to balance, but sometimes there are times when it just boils over. And I’d rather it boil over on the sidelines than on the field, you know, but sometimes it’s a little bit of both. It’s an emotional game, you know.’

Brady went on to comment on some of the most emotional moments remembered in the sport, saying that he would rather feel that emotion and feel alive than feel dead and feel nothing.

Brady was furiously seen swinging a tablet during Tampa Bay’s game against New Orleans.

According to ESPN NFL insider, Adam Scheftermore than one tablet came to an end at Brady’s hand.

the star quarterback reportedly threw and broke two tablets during the win against the Saints

In fact, three tablets broke on Bucs’ sidelines – two reportedly by Brady – in a tense NFC South matchup, with the road team’a shortage of tablets.’

It is now the second time Brady has broken a tablet(s) while playing for the New Orleans Saints after throwing the Microsoft device in a 9-0 loss in December 2021.

“I try to make sure I don’t throw my arm out when I throw it away,” Brady said jokingly on Monday during his weekly Let’s go podcasting. “But I was pretty pissed yesterday.”

Let’s see how Brady handles his emotions over the weekend when he and the Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs.


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