Tokyo Olympics: Team GB’s coxless four will please predecessors, says Matt Rossiter

Team GB’s coxless four will leave their predecessors ‘really SMUG’, Matt Rossiter explodes as the defeated rower is unable to extend their winning streak to a sixth consecutive Olympics when they finish fourth…and almost bump into the Italians too!

Matt Rossiter, a member of the defeated men’s rowing team, has said his illustrious predecessors will be “complacent” about their failure in Tokyo.

A line of victory dating back to 2000 ended when the crews of Oliver Cook, Rossiter, Rory Gibbs and the battle Sholto Carnegie were knocked out to fourth.

Australia won as every late attack Britain might have launched was blighted by erratic steering that nearly saw Italy crash into the adjacent lane.

Matthew Rossiter (second from left) has criticized him and his fellow coxless four rowers

After that, Rossiter turned to the legends, believed to include James Cracknell, who won two gold medals in 2000 and 2004 in the country’s most famous boat.

Rossiter, 31, said: “It’s just disappointing that those people are probably going to be really smug now that they’re part of the legacy that won.

“That was a motivation to do well. I hope those people are happy that we didn’t continue the golden run. It did not affect our performance. We managed to shut out the pressure from everything else well.’

About the faulty steering, Rossiter said: “We went all in on the Italians. They’re pretty crazy because maybe we cost them the silver and sorry for those guys. It’s an outdoor sport and things like this happen. It’s just heartbreaking when it’s you and not something on YouTube.”