Lisa Greenberg and her NRL CEO husband Todd pose for a shoot at the 2019 Dally M Awards in Sydney

Ex-NRL boss Todd Greenberg’s wife Lisa opens up on the alcohol addiction that almost saw her lose her family: ‘I loathed myself’

The wife of ex-NRL boss  and current CEO of the Australian Cricketers’ Association Todd Greenberg has opened up on a crippling alcohol addiction which almost tore her family to bits.

Lisa Greenberg will be joined by Todd Greenberg in a feature on Channel nine’s 60 Minutes, on Sunday. Allison Langdon will interview her. She In an emotional and revealing interview, she will talk about the self-loathing that she felt during her illness. 

Lisa Greenberg and Todd Greenberg, her NRL CEO, pose for a photograph at the 2019 Dally M Awards.

She admitted to being an ex-alcoholic and was stuck in a rut all through Todd’s 2016 tenure as NRL CEO. 

Her Life revolved around the ‘next drink’ at levels of two wine bottles per days disguised in sips from take-out coffee cups.

Her addiction increased when she sold her boutique fitness business, which she ran for two decades, to spend more time with her husband.

The 51 year-old fitness consultant turned to self-loathing in 2018 when Todd and their children left her. 

Lisa Greenberg Cries In A 60Minutes Feature, Sharing All About Her Struggle With Alcoholism

Lisa Greenberg weeps in a 60-minute feature that shares all about her struggles with alcoholism

Mrs Greenberg spoke to News Corp The Body and the Soul She shared that she sought professional advice.

My family gave me an ultimatum. They said if you’re going to drink again we are going to leave. I promised them I wouldn’t, and I meant it,’ she said.

“But they returned home and I was still drinking so they packed up and fled.

I was broke, defeated, and suicidal. I just thought I didn’t deserve to be on this planet.’

Lisa And Husband Todd Smile During A 60Minutes Feature Interview, Which Airs On Sunday November 27

Lisa and Todd smile in a 60-minute feature interview that airs Sunday, November 27.

Sunday’s 60 Minutes feature will air in its entirety. The Greenbergs will share their rollercoaster family story, including the highs as well as the lows.

Co-founder of the online Women’s Community ‘Love you Sydney’, she admitted that she hated and loathed herself. But, she has made remarkable life changes.

Greenberg later described his story as “the most inspirational” and called his wife a “superhero”. 

Former Nrl Boss Todd Greenberg And Wife Lisa Take To The Red Carpet During The 2019 Nrl Hall Of Fame Awards

Todd Greenberg (ex-NRL boss) and Lisa Greenberg (wife) walk the red carpet at 2019 NRL Hall of Fame ceremonies

After Greenberg has resigned last year from the NRL’s top post. He is now Chief Executive of Australia Cricket Association. 

They both claim that their marriage has strengthened more than ever. Lisa joked that Lisa was an ‘alco’ and her husband is still “bald”.