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Today’s Wordle Response (#328) – May 13, 2022

It’s the end of the work week, but that doesn’t stop Wordle’s train from moving on. The answer on May 13 is a suitable word for Friday, but some people may not even think to guess it. It’s certainly a word that many people have in their vocabulary, but it’s not one that you’d expect to be in Wordle’s database.

I was able to get the answer in three guesses thanks to a pretty lucky first guess. I had three letters placed correctly on the first two guesses and actually only had one word left. However, I never thought that this would be a word that Wordle would use as an answer. I’m sure others will think the same when they try to guess. Although, parents may have some explanations if their children are Wordle players, as this is a word that most people don’t hear until they reach a certain age.

If you need some tips to complete this Wordle, or just want the answer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s Wordle Response – May 13, 2022

We’ll start with a couple of suggestions to make it a little easier to guess. These hints will simply put your mind in the right place when trying to insert guesses. Unfortunately, the tips may not be very helpful for people under a particular age. If you belong to that group, you can keep reading for the full response to Wordle’s May 13th.

  • Hint 1: This word is used to describe a person who has indulged too much at the local bar (bar/pub).
  • Hint 2: In GTA 5 story mode, players can be described like this when they switch to Trevor after having too many.

Most people over the legal drinking age would have gathered enough information from those two tips to get the answer to today’s Wordle. However, if you’re still struggling, then you deserve the answer, which is… “fuzzy.” It is a common word that is spoken every day, but some Wordle players may never have heard of it before. We’re taking a break from the Wordle guides over the weekend, but will be back on Monday to start another week.

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