Today breakfast show takes a ‘brutal’ swipe at departing host Ally Langdon

Fans of Today were angered Monday by the brutal attack on Allison ‘Ally’ Langdon, the Breakfast Show’s departing host.

Channel Nine announced on Sunday that Ally (43), will leave Today as co-host to be replaced by Tracy Grimshaw (62), who is currently A Current Affair host. 

A photo of Karl Stefanovic and Ally was uploaded to the show’s official Instagram. Ally (43 years old) had been removed from the frame. 

Today show viewers were angered Monday when the breakfast show took a vicious swipe at Allison ‘Ally’ Langdon, their departing host. 

“Out with the old, in the new.” Sarah, welcome to the team! “Welcome to the team, Sarah!” The caption refers to Karl’s earlier comments about Ally being fired from the show. 

The post was labelled ‘rude’ by fans who flooded the comments section. 

Although it was lighthearted, viewers found the joke to be insensitive, cruel, and brutal.

“Karl – so cruel,” one person commented. Another said: “So rude.” 

Another person wrote: “That’s an awful sendoff!” Karl was also rude and disrespectful towards Ally.

A Photo Was Posted To The Show'S Official Instagram Page Featuring Karl Stefanovic , Ally And Her Replacement Host Sarah Abo, Except Ally, 43, Had Been Cropped Out Of The Frame

A photo of Karl Stefanovic, Ally, and Sarah Abo, the show’s replacement host, was uploaded to the official Instagram page. Ally (43), had been removed from the frame 

“Sorry to see Ally go, and what horrible headline wording and the picture cutting Ally off. One other commented: “Seriously,” 

Others laughed at the joke and said those who didn’t like it just didn’t understand the ‘Aussie humor’.

“The photo crop is the best!” One fan said, and another wrote: “It’s the Aussie senses of humor. It’s not intended to be serious. 

'Out With The Old, In With The New. Welcome To The Team, Sarah!' The Caption Read, Prompting Fans To Flock To The Comments Over The 'Rude' Post

“Out with the old, in the new.” Sarah, welcome to the team! The caption was so funny that fans flocked to the comments to complain about the ‘rude post’.

Another one agreed wholeheartedly and commented, “Typical Aussie Humour,” right next to a series emojis of crying-laughing emoticons. 

Someone else wrote “Hilarious post”. “Hopefully, the snowflakes who clearly don’t know can calm their outrage.” 

Karl had just hours before criticized Ally, his co-host on Today, for leaving the show to host A Current Affair.

Karl didn’t waste time talking about Monday’s major news, and opened the show singing The Beach Boys’ Kokomo.She’She’ll go out on the sea when she goes to ACA!

Everyone, welcome to Allison Langdon, the new host of “A Current Affair”. He declared, “Congratulations Ally,” and turned to Langdon.

“I was not sure what you would do today,” she said. Ally smiled and said, “I knew it would,”

He laughed, and Ally joked: “I spent the entire weekend working on this.” Your name was all over the production value!

Karl seemed shocked by her harsh response and responded: “That’s all the Today’ show has to offer in terms of production value.” Is that why you’ve moved on?

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Despite It Being A Lighthearted Dig, Many Viewers Thought The Joke Was 'Insensitive', 'Horrid' And 'Brutal'

Many viewers thought it was funny, even though it was lighthearted.

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1669703573 412 Today Breakfast Show Takes A Brutal Swipe At Departing Host

Other Fans Were Quick To Have A Laugh At The Joke, Saying Those Who Disapproved Just Didn'T Get The 'Aussie Humour'

Other fans also laughed at the joke, claiming that those who disagreed just didn’t get the ‘Aussie humor’

Blushing, Ally assured Karl that she was excited but also bittersweet to be leaving the morning group which is so amazing.

Karl took a dig at his cohost and declared: ‘We’ve got a big Week planned for you.’ Before turning to Langdon, he said: ‘Don’t go anywhere.

He Throughout Monday’s broadcast, he continued to make fun of his co-host.

Karl laughed as he announced an interview with Sarah, Ally’s replacement, and said, ‘Out with all the old. In with the New.

“Say hello, Today Show 2023 team. Ally’s brilliant substitute joins us on our couch a little later,” he said. 

Ally Officially Announced She'S Leaving Today To Step In As The New Host Of A Current Affair On Sunday. The Television Presenter Will Step Into The Coveted Role At The Current Affairs Stalwart In The New Year, After Longtime Host Tracy Grimshaw Quit In September

Ally has officially announced her departure from Today and will take over as A Current Affair’s new host on Sunday. The TV presenter will take over the coveted position of A Current Affairs stalwart in January, after Tracy Grimshaw, the long-serving host, left in September. 

On The Back Of Allison'S Announcement, Channel Nine Confirmed On Sunday That 60 Minutes Reporter Sarah Abo Will Be Filling Her Spot Alongside Karl And Taking Over As Co-Host On The Today Show

After Allison’s announcement on Sunday, Channel Nine confirmed that Sarah Abo from 60 Minutes will be taking over Karl as Today’s co-host and filling in for Allison. 

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