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To make Cyberpunk 2077 even more beautiful, you pay a high hardware price


Just yesterday we wanted to know from you how you judged the development of raytracing. It seems ironic that Nvidia released a new video on ray tracing in Cyberpunk 2077 shortly thereafter. The SciFi RPG gets an update called overdriveincluding path tracing that will make your eyes pop out of their sockets.

In Overdrive, your graphics card will also have to lug around properly in order to be able to display these lighting effects. The recordings below were taken with a Geforce RTX 4090 in 4K resolution and partly also with DLSS 3, which sometimes sweats a lot:

This is what the new Overdrive mode looks like in Cyberpunk 2077

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This is what the new Overdrive mode looks like in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk Patch: This is new

The rendering mode will be released on April 11th and replaces the previous raytracing in Cyberpunk 2077. It has previously worked with a combination of raytracing for reflections, global lighting and other effects based on relatively few light sources.

overdrive respectively Full ray tracing/Path tracing, on the other hand, models the properties of light in the game from a practically unlimited number of radiation sources.

The result: Incredibly detailed shadows and lights, which sometimes make the image appear clearly more plastic. On Nvidia’s website you can the changes in detail see.

Absurd performance hits

The video not only shows impressive lighting effects, but also the effects on performance. Despite the use of an RTX 4090, the FPS drop sharply with the 4K resolution used. Sometimes not even 30 frames per second are achieved.

Nvidia’s solution in the video: To keep Cyberpunk 2077 playable, Nvidia used DLSS 3-frame generation in combination with an image upscaler. We have already seen this with Portal RTX, which also has full ray tracing. This is the only way to get frame rates in the three-digit range – with a 4090.

And the system requirements? They are not yet known for the new Overdrive mode, but it is certain that you need an absolute top GPU. Without the frame generation function, which is exclusive to the RTX 4000 generation, little or nothing should work, at least not in 4K.

However, keep in mind that Nvidia in connection with the update of a technology preview speaks, i.e. of a technology preview. It can therefore be assumed that there are still some problems and that there are restrictions.

We are already in contact with CD Projekt Red for more detailed information. If we find out anything new, you will read it promptly on GameStar.de.

You have to give Nvidia one thing: With the Overdrive update, Cyberpunk 2077 looks really tasty. Will you download the update and try out the new mode? Or do you already know that your hardware will collapse? What do you think of ray tracing in general? We are interested in your opinion, so write it in the comment column.

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