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To increase police patrols.. Singapore uses the “robot policeman” in the streets


These robots are equipped with cameras, sensors, speakers, and a screen linked to control rooms in police stations. They also emit lights and sirens, enabling them to surround the place and warn passers-by in the event of accidents.

Singapore intends to “gradually deploy” more roaming robots on its streets, the police announced Thursday, after more than five years during which these robots were tested.

The Southeast Asian Singapore police said in a statement that the robots entered service at Changi Airport in April to “increase the number of police officers on patrol.”

It is expected that more similar robots will be deployed on the island, which includes 5.6 million people, and the birth rate is low, while resorting to this technology to fill a shortage it faces in the labor force.

“We plan to gradually deploy more mobile robots to increase the number of police patrols across Singapore,” the Singaporean police said, without specifying dates.

These robots are equipped with cameras, sensors, speakers and a screen, and they emit lights and sirens, and they are also equipped with a 360-degree camera, which provides footage to the two policemen in a control room.

Using lights, sirens and loudspeakers, the robots can “set up a police cordon and warn pedestrians after an accident” before officers arrive, the police statement said.

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