Whether on summer vacations, Christmas, Easter or even a long weekend, the most important thing to start with plans is to organize everything in advance. Taking a family vacation is a great opportunity to share unforgettable moments, strengthen ties with loved ones and live adventures that will leave indelible memories. When the holidays approach, we know that at some beauty point resort, we will face the problematic question of where do we go on vacation with the children? It is a great question and the main theme in family dynamics that covers multiple and varied aspects. It is not a simple decision, and we all want to have the security of finding the best option at our disposal that guarantees us a vibrant and happy family day, of which to keep a good memory forever.

Here I will share some tips to plan your family vacation:

1. Choose destiny among all

This step will depend on everyone’s taste and age. There are ideal places for families with children and other perfect places to travel with grandparents. On the other hand, families with children can choose Orlando to go to its impressive theme parks. The options are many, so choose the place that everyone likes best.

2. Save by booking flights in advance

Keep in mind that booking as early as possible provides the ease of obtaining convenient promotions and cheap airfares that will allow you to maximize your travel budget. If they have a little flexibility in their dates, the better.

3. Search and take advantage of hotel discounts

Choose the accommodation that best suits your needs, be it an all-inclusive resort, vacation rentals, spa hotels or budget hotels with all the amenities. Also, take the opportunity to pay in months without interest. It is highly recommended to purchase tour packages with hotel and plane, since this way you can save a lot of money.

4. Organize in advance the activities they will do

To avoid worries, find better rates, get the most out of your time and know the attractions of the destination comfortably, book the tours and activities that you will be doing in advance. That way you can consider these costs in the travel budget and be unconcerned when they are already at their destination.

5. Have fun and have fun 

The most important advice is that when they travel they have fun, have a good attitude and have a good time together. You don’t allow stress or worries to overshadow your trip. Enjoy all the moments you spend with your family and treasure them forever. Take advantage of your family vacation, rest and get out of the routine.

Don’t wait any longer and start planning your next family vacation. What will be your next destination?

Main considerations when choosing a hotel for family vacations

Taking your family to your dream vacation is always a priority for all parents. However, it can be complicated with modern hectic lifestyles. In addition, you should consider new destinations once children enter the scene. Problems that did not matter before, such as a hotel pool and pet policy, among others, become a big problem.

One of the most important considerations when planning is accommodation. Your choice can make or break the whole thing. If you want to get the best family vacations this year, these are some of the main considerations to consider:


To find a good answer to the question, there are several factors to consider. First, have interest or curiosity about a destination, look at how full or empty our pockets are, the availability of seats or flights to the destination, shuffle health and safety aspects, see if our plan would fit well with the age of the children, decide if we travel abroad or on the contrary we opt for sites.

These are some of my recommendations or aspects to consider when choosing a destination or family vacation plan.

Limit selection

It’s bad when there isn’t much choice of vacation destinations. But no less problematic when there are too many offers. Studies have shown that when the human mind is faced with many options, it begins to work worse. Some psychologists call this phenomenon a paradoxical choice. Because of it, many people become confused, which causes negative emotions and conflicts. More, in this case, is not always better. Before making a final decision about where to go on vacation, it is advisable to narrow down your choice to two or three options.

Early ticketing

Experienced economists recommend purchasing airline tickets or tours in advance. So you can save the family budget or the amount for additional expenses during the holidays.

If it is difficult to predict the exact dates and there are fears of force majeure, then large operators always have the opportunity to ensure the tourist against recognizance. It is advisable to clarify the conditions for returning airline tickets before purchasing them, as they may differ depending on the airline.

Despite the risk, many tourists have already appreciated this method of saving. For example, on average, airfare is much cheaper if you buy them 50 days before the flight. The same thing happens with the prices for rooms in many hotels. With winter hotel reservations for the summer, you can really save up to 60%. There is one more positive point in this: according to Dutch studies, a person, after acquiring a tour or an airline ticket for a vacation, begins to expect his vacation, experiencing positive emotions at this time. 

Family Trip budget planning

Independent polls showed that most tourists spent much less when they planned their budget in advance. In order not to be mistaken with the calculations, you should study the place planned for the rest, living conditions and food. Even any excursion may involve additional expenses (food, drinks, medicines).

For planning future expenses, it is useful to have a notebook or notebook to write there not only the main but also possible unforeseen expenses that may arise due to a sudden illness, accident or a good offer in stores. It is especially important to provide yourself with “spare” funds when traveling with children. Usually, in addition to money for the tour, visa and tickets, the traveler puts aside food, transport, excursions, souvenirs, communication. It is worth knowing in advance about the conditions and points of currency exchange. In addition to a payment card, you always need to have cash with you, since cashless payments are not always available.

Reviews about holidays and excursions

So that the rest of the upcoming tour would not be spoiled by a poor-quality hotel or an incompetent guide, it is useful to read reviews and stories about the real experience of experienced tourists in advance. It is advisable to look at least 10 reviews of hotels, travel agencies and guides on different sites. Feedback authors can ask questions and clarify the nuances. Particular attention should be paid to the negative feedback and time spent by people at the hotel: some tourists prefer to leave feedback retroactively even after a few years. Such information cannot be considered relevant. 

If possible, you should contact the hotel and the tour agency in advance to clarify the conditions of stay and trip, the amount of the deposit, the availability of amenities in the room, menu, etc. For example, in hotels with less than three stars, there is often no hairdryer, but at the reception of four or five-star hotels you cannot ask for an iron, but there are only laundry services, which are expensive. In such cases, it is easiest to bring along a small travel iron and a hairdryer so as not to spoil the rest with minor troubles. On some excursions, it is not recommended to take young children and people with disabilities, and it is advisable to find out in advance.   


It does not hurt to consult the large online travel agencies in search of attractive offers to have a starting point. Without forgetting low-cost airlines or rural tourism. The latter is considered cheap by 58% of rural travelers in a report. It is also a good option to exchange a house, which greatly reduces the cost of a trip and allows you to enjoy the usual comforts of a family and take advantage of their recommendations to know the destination.