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Tips To Groom Your Long-Haired Dog

Keeping your dogs clean is not only important for them but also for you, especially those with long hair. It may be hard for you to determine when they have skin infections or pests like fleas, and grooming them regularly allows you to examine them.


Grooming long-haired dogs, however, can be very difficult, especially because they need more grooming than those with short hair. However, with the following tips, it will be something you’ll look forward to doing more often.


1. Start early


Brushing your dog’s hair often is important, but some dogs don’t like it, which sometimes makes it hard. Ensure that you start brushing your dogs at an early age to help them get used to it.


To make them sit still, give them something like a bone to chew on and remove anything that may distract them, like their squeaking ball.


2. Have the right equipment


You cannot use the same brushes and scissors for a short-haired dog and a long-haired dog. It is recommended that you use a brush with long and widely spaced bristles to begin with, then use a slicker brush to detangle the hair.


If your dog is a double coat breed like a Newfoundland or a Siberian Husky, you should also use an undercoat rake to remove hair. You can also use a pin brush to prevent matting and to remove snags.


Some other equipment you should have include a comb, de-matting brush, slicker brush, and nail clippers.


If you live in a warm area, ensure that you have clippers to cut off excess hair because the excess warmth can not only make your dog uncomfortable but may also encourage bacteria and pests.


To keep that hair clean, invest in good quality shampoo and ensure it contains no irritants or allergens.


3. Use the right technique


Do not just brush your long-haired dog anyhow. You brushing the long hair might be uncomfortable for them already, and using the wrong brushing techniques will only make it worse.


Ensure that you brush your dog’s hair in the direction it grows, that is, from the head to the tail, and hold the hair to the skin. You can also use a detangler, conditioner, or a mist on the hair.


That will reduce the amount of resistance that the brush faces, and it will also make it comfortable and less painful for your dog.


4. Give regular haircuts


This is one of the most effective ways to keep your long-haired dog looking neat and well-groomed. Whether you choose to cut it yourself or have it professionally cut, ensure that you do it on average of 6-8 weeks, especially after bathing them.


Hair clippers are the best for shaving the body, and scissors are the best to use around the mouth, eyes, and ears.


That will not only get rid of the uneven ends and remove the knots; it will also give you some time to access your dog for any infections, irritation, and pets. It also gives your god a breather, especially if you live in a relatively warm place.


5. Bath your dog


Pet experts recommend that you wash your long-haired dog after every 2-4 months. Bathing it more often will rid the skin of its natural oils, causing their skin and hair to dry.


Ensure that you use high-quality dog shampoo because human shampoo may have some scents and ingredients that may irritate your dog’s skin. Ensure that the shampoo does not get into their eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.


After the bath, let your dog dry and apply some flea medication.


6. Have a schedule


Come with a schedule of when you will be brushing your dogs and how many times a week. That will not only help you remember, but it will also get your dog used to it and may even enjoy it. Massage and pet your dog in the process to make it more comfortable.