Tips That Unique Handmade Jewelry Need to Help Clean

Have you just bought yourself some unique handmade jewelry? Are this handmade gemstone jewelry or brass handmade jewelry that you’ve just bought significantly beautiful, and are you afraid to wear them out of fear of not knowing how to keep them looking unused and as good as new? 

Here are a few tips that may come in handy as you try to keep your handmade jewelry bought online squeaky clean instead of it remaining tarnished or grimy after multiple usages.

This comprehensive guide to cleaning will, in fact, change your jewelry game. 

1. Check Your Jewelry Thoroughly

When you wear your jewelry on a regular basis, especially the staple one that you wear daily, it can be easy for you to miss out on realizing that your jewelry needs a thorough cleansing. This can be due to the fact that you use it too often, or you put it out of sight for you to realize it needs cleaning. 

Ideally, try to every 6-12 months take the time to inspect your pieces, especially the more precious ones, and assess their condition. Spruce up your unique handmade jewelry. Silver jewelry is most likely to get tarnished quicker than the others. 

2. Give it a Quick Wash

The first step to cleaning any good handmade gemstone jewelry or brass ones, or for that matter, any of the jewelry, is by giving it a quick and simple wash. All jewelry benefit from a wash. In fact, most pieces only require a gentle wash. 

While washing, take care that you use only mildly warm water and gentle liquid soap as solid soap might get stuck in the crevices of the intricately designed jewelry. 

Castile soaps that one may generally use on woolens work well as well. Using a bristle brush, get the grime out of any of the crevices that your fingers won’t suffice. Right after the wash is over, make sure to thoroughly dry it quickly as more moisture may propel any oxidation of the handmade jewelry bought online. 

3. Try to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you aren’t able to get rid of any grime or dust easily using the soap, make sure to use a cheap ultrasonic cleaner. Make sure to follow all the instructions on the cleaner rather than go about doing as you please. Remember that the ultrasonic may not remove tarnish, but it helps treat complex and intricate design with many crevices, removing dirt from those areas. 

However, note that you must not always use ultrasonic cleaner. If the unique handmade jewelry you use as any blackened areas on any part of the design, then using ultrasonic cleaning could be detrimental to the piece. It could damage the finish on the piece, and soften the gemstone, making room for it to break. 

4. Remove Any Tarnish With Polishing Cloth

Using a polishing cloth, particularly on any design that is sterling silver, can help rejuvenate the look of the jewelry. As most jewelry will tarnish over time, including precious metals, cleaning them with polishing cloth could help remove the tarnishing.