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Tips on Using Branded Folders to Promote Your Business


Branded folders can be a great way to promote your business. Presentation folders can be given out during meetings, seminars and conferences to be used for organizing documents, and taking any course material away. Custom-made folders of just about any design, size, and appearance can be produced as an excellent addition to meetings to promote a company’s products and services. The folders grab the users’ attention and that of anyone else who sees them afterwards. They are affordable and effective as a method of advertising. This article gives essential tips on using branded folders to promote your business.

For organizing documents in the organization

You can use branded folders to organize any documents and other materials needed for internal meetings or, indeed, meetings with clients. This ensures that you have everything you need easily accessible in a single place. Carrying branded folders to off-site meetings or conferences will promote your business even more. Lots of people will see the folders on neat desks giving off an excellent first impression to any potential new customers. Accessing existing customers’ information will be easier because everything is organized in respective folders. Employees will constantly be reminded about the organization’s goals if catchy slogans are printed on the folders.

As gifts to your customers

Another important tip on how to use branded folders to promote your business is by giving them to your customers. Gifting is a form of appreciation to your customers for their continued support of your business. For this purpose, choose branded folders that your customers will like. You will also benefit from this because as the customers use the folders in various places, they are exposing your brand to many people. The higher the number of people using the folders, the higher the visibility of your brand.

As promotional tools

A good marketing strategy can be very expensive, especially if you intend to reach a large number of prospective clients. Using branded folders is an excellent way to market your business while staying within a tight budget. You can also promote the business yourself by carrying the folders to meetings and events hosted by other companies. Ask your employees to do the same, and you will quickly see an increase in customers or people inquiring about the business. The manufacturing cost of the folders is not high, even when they are custom-made with your organization’s design.

As rewards to the best employees

Businesses can use good-quality branded folders to reward hardworking employees. The employee will use the folder within the organization or even gift it to a friend or family member. As long as the folder is in use, it will continue to be seen by people all over, and your brand will be recognized even more. Besides, it is essential that employees feel appreciated because they will also market your business by word of mouth or purposefully showing off the folders to prospective customers.


Branded folders can be used to promote your business by increasing brand recognition and sales. You have to know how to use this tool to your advantage for this to happen. Use the folders for organizing documents in your company, for promotions, or as rewards to your customers and employees

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